Thursday, March 15, 2007


Are you self-centered if you want a life for yourself? If you know you can do better in a different situation? If you actually did create/seek out an opportunity just by sending in a resume? I sometimes wonder if I'm selfish, for wanting to move far away.

It's empowering, gives me some kind of a high (haha, I know, sounds weird huh), knowing that I am at this point in my life where I can make a lot of life-changing decisions. Sometimes you just want to break free...not to do wild things, but to do something good for yourself.

The kind of job offer I something I dreamed of in Australia but it was so far away at that time. Didn't seem possible at all and I hit a dead-end. So I came back to look for other opportunities.

Now I have one...and I am taking it. But when people comment on this and that, and you realise that your parents are not as invincible as you thought they begin to question your actions again. I always think my parents are invincible...they somehow always overcome everything - very resourceful, intelligent people, I must admit. But they're getting old...and after watching my grandmother waste away in a hospital bed, one of my worst nightmares is actually knowing that such a thing is possible.

But we do what we have to do - right? After all, I am no doctor. By being good at what I do, I might be able to help out more when the time comes, right? I know, but I still have illogical worries...can't help it.


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