Thursday, March 29, 2007

First Day @Work

My first day at work was great. Really, I find it difficult to believe that I have such a nice environment to work in. However, I feel rusty - like I have stopped thinking like an engineer/computer-freak since I handed in my thesis. That part of my brain feels...dead. So, I think its time to really, really work on brushing up my technical skills.

I got a bag full of little chocolates on my table as part of the "welcome" gift. There was a company t-shirt and a cap too. I also have a 20-inch monitor and a small, cute CPU :)

Sounds fun. My boss treats me like his friend. It's so odd - the difference in work culture.

I got a small desk and a chest of 5-drawers today. Bought them second hand from my colleague. They look really new - its so nice to have some storage and working space because I've been lying on my bed trying to do some stuff on the laptop and it is so not conducive.

Well, I have to start reading this work-related book now...

Till I write more, Ciao!


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