Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things Are Looking Up Again

After a lot of hiccups, the year is starting to look a bit better again. I wanted to title the post as "a little bit of sunshine" but the weather today is not sunny..AT ALL. It's pure sleet outside (like rain but little pieces of it, or maybe "wet snow" makes more sense?). It's not fun walking in that weather. I had to walk to the bus stop this morning and it was pretty cold.

*Googles for today's temperature* Hmm, about -2 to 0C. Not fun. I don't mind the cold, I wear woollen tights inside my jeans. It's like my weapon against the cold. But getting wet is not fun. I wear a beanie, scarf, etc., but it is still wet.

But, I digress.

As I was saying, things are looking up a bit. Work is tough though - sometimes you really have to fight for what you believe in. You'd think it is common sense to most people, but you'd be surprised how little common sense some people have :)

Oh well.


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