Friday, September 19, 2008

In Berlin

Every morning I take a 40 minute subway to my office. I live in the city area as it was the only apartment available - but the office is in an industrial area. It does not feel like a long trip - but it means waking up at 6.45am every day.

To be honest, I am tired. I've been working a lot prior to leaving Oslo because I had a lot of pending tasks to take care of. Now it is this sitting and grinding out documentation that is wearing me out. I hope to be recharged this weekend after some nice sightseeing, but we'll see :)

Berlin is a nice place - very different from Oslo, akin to London. There are tons of people around, and the weather is not bad. I must admit that food is so cheap here, compared to Oslo, so it doesn't hurt to eat out.


At 9/19/2008 07:28:00 PM , Blogger the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Servive tax is a bitch in Oslo?

At 9/19/2008 07:43:00 PM , Blogger Fieran said...

That's just part of it. The other part is the cost of living on its own. A lot of stuff are imported - so you pay for that. Land is little - Oslo will never grow bigger due to limited land, so apartments (and rent) is expensive.


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