Friday, August 01, 2008

Next Stage, New Phase

Just awhile ago I handed over the keys to my old apartment. Today was the official date to hand over the keys and have the apartment inspected. It feels strange. I remember being extremely happy in that place when I first moved in because I reveled in my independence. Having a studio apartment was always a dream of mine. I remember wanting to live in a studio while I was in Brisbane - but my family weren't keen because it was pricey and also because they felt that I will be all alone.

Truth is, I enjoyed living there. It's not that my new place is not nice - it is awesome - but I need to start putting things away :) Everything is still everywhere. It's just that the old place had tons of memories. The first time I cooked dinner for my friend. Getting ready for Julebord. Making fish curry for myself on my birthday. The bathroom is the best part of that apartment. It's white and beautiful.

Oh well. I didn't like that apartment because it was too small. There was no washing machine, no oven to bake, only 2 small burners for the stove and no dishwasher. The new place has all these and more. I guess I am still not used to this new place yet.

This is the next stage of my life - when things are different. I live in the heart of the city now. It is about 40 minutes walk (I thought it was 30 minutes until I walked last week, phew!) to work or 20 minutes by bus (I have been lazy and taking the bus lately...I shall start walking again next week.) I will post some photographs of the new place soon.

Goodbye old place. Thanks for the fun 1.5 years ;)


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