Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bought myself a gift :)

So I got a new laptop last Thursday. I also asked my Mom to buy me a Crumpler Sinking Barge because I have this dream to travel around with my laptop and camera...taking in the colourful sights and sounds Europe has to offer.

-- Image borrowed from Venom World

However, carrying around that backpack on a day to day basis to take my laptop everywhere - is not a very good idea. It's a bit too big, not chic and sexy and stuff ;)

So, I tagged along with Simon today. He got jealous of my MacBook and wanted to buy himself one as well. I wanted to see what the box and the insides looked like because my Dad did the purchase in Malaysia. So at the eplehuset (Norway's version of an Apple store) earlier, I fell in love. Nah, no hot guys around, but I fell in love with this bag:

It looks like this inside:

-- Images borrowed from Crumpler Europe

*Note: It's a girl thing - falling in love with bags and shoes. If you are male, you can skip over that point. You'll never understand it. *haughty look*

For a Cumpler bag, it was worth it. I'm becoming a Crumpler junkie, help :/


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