Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Movie Review

So I watched this movie last night. It was quite interesting actually. I am not going to put any warning about spoilers because most of the people who frequent my blog aren't really Hindi movie buffs, I *think*.

So what's it about? The year is 1996, Boy is 18 - meets Girl A on a trip to Switzerland, treats her like your typical 18 year old jerk, and goes back to India as if nothing happened. The scene where she finds out that he took her for a ride makes you slightly skeptical about his character.

Then, they flash forward, the year is 2002. Boy is 24 - has a live in relationship with Girl B who wants to be an actress. They don't really show you much about their relationship except for they're in this very comfortable stage. She doesn't even like his friend. Boy is a game programmer and gets an offer to go to Sydney. He jumps at the opportunity and his friend asks him - what about Girl B? Boy goes on and on about how she is modern and she doesn't want marriage anyway, etc. Guess what? She wants marriage. Boy has no guts (typical! hahaha) and tries to wind his way out with his friend's plans. Nothing works out - he leaves her at the altar. Well, in this case on the steps of the temple in her wedding clothing. He took an earlier flight and flew to Australia. He leaves her with a ring I think, and like no note nothing. You'd think he'd have poured his heart out into a letter - oh but that takes guts too. At this scene, I kind of sat up and thought "What kind of a guy is he? That is such a horrible thing to do."

The year is 2007, Boy is 29 - meets Girl C, a taxi driver who also works in a supermarket and is studying. She's totally not the type of girl he is used to. This time he falls hard. She says she doesn't believe in the institution of marriage (actually this scene was missing from my movie, don't ask why ;)) and then his past 2 girlfriends flash in his mind. He gets guilty. Starts to realise how painful it is to be rejected/dumped. He goes on this mission to find these girls and apologize to them. That's the gist of it anyway. Again, parts of it were missing from my version. *sigh* :)

But yeah, it was not a bad movie, but this is like one of the few times where the lead character is not exactly all black and white but more gray. I like this style of portraying a character - its more westernized. Watch it if you like - there are DVDs out there with English subtitles ;)


At 8/23/2008 03:54:00 AM , Blogger Bubbles said...


What's your fav Hindi movie of all time?

At 8/26/2008 06:36:00 AM , Blogger Fieran said...

@Bubbles: Actually, I am not sure. At different stages of my life, I like different movies :)


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