Friday, October 09, 2009

Kids these days..

It amazes me to what extent teenagers will go to just sound cool. Making jokes about Hitler and his killings is just not funny. When will these kids realise it? I saw a comment on my young cousin's Facebook about how they should break the law once (I think my cousin was referencing some song lyrics) and his friend wrote about how they should kill some Js. How is that cool? Or even funny? Don't children learn respect for others in school anymore?

Indeed, I am offended. When you go to Germany often, you see a lot of sad war-related memorials. Photographs of the Berlin wall; the Holocaust memorial. It's such sad stuff that you just cannot understand how human beings can kill just out of dislike. There was no reason at all for the things that happened there. So I get really offended by people who make such jokes. I know young kids don't know better, but they should. They should make an effort to learn about all these things (I remember learning about them in History class) and respect it. Not make jokes about it...because it was such a terrible thing to do.



At 2/02/2010 06:53:00 AM , Blogger ilovemyfoopets said...

I agree, even though I am a teen myself. It used to be that all the kids resepected their elders, now... not so much.


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