Friday, June 11, 2010

Life Changes...

..and sometimes not exactly how you'd like it to be, I guess.

This is a work related post, sorry if it's boring :/

I'm a bit dumbfounded how to get along with people at work.

I used to work at a really cool software firm where people were mostly my age or just at a similar stage of life as I was - single, free, still figuring out a lot of things about life, etc. It was really easy to talk to these colleagues as I just knew what to say. We talked about movies, music, we had dinner together, made gender-based jokes :) I used to think I was fun and cool at that point - and it helps with the self esteem when people want to hang out with you. You get invites to their parties, to see their new homes, etc.

Now I work with a lot of people who are married or in serious relationships, with kids and such so I have less to talk to them about. What makes it worse is that I don't speak Norwegian - or enough Norwegian for day to day conversations. I only know enough to order food and do online banking with.

It really gets to me some days. Because I'm not really good friends with my former colleagues either - as we have less in common now - I don't work with them anymore and they're mostly guys who aren't really all that big in keeping in touch.

So yeah, I'm a bit down about this... I feel like I'm starting again - except this time I have a boyfriend who still works where I used to work.

It's amazing how a job and company can define your life - and it's even more amazing how when that is gone - you find yourself lost, confused, and trying to stay afloat.

I'll never let a job define my life like that again...once bitten, twice shy.


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