Friday, June 11, 2010


I never thought I'd love traveling so much - but I really do.

I used to be really attached to home - my bed, my pillow, my towels, my chair, etc. - but I really enjoy traveling.

Here's a list of where I'd like to go:

1. Athens, Greece.
I read The Island by Victoria Hislop. It's a really sad story about the island of Spinalonga, off the coast of Crete which used to be leper colony ages ago. I'd really like to see Greece and its many islands, but not during Summer. I'm not a big fan of the sun and getting sunburnt despite coming from a sunny country.

2. San Francisco, USA.
My boyfriend goes to San Francisco at least once a year for work. He avoids talking about the good stuff there because he doesn't want to make me feel sad.. but sometimes he drops subtle hints about how much fun it is to be in SF and I'd really like to see it myself. The nice thing about USA is the variety I think. There are so many options - for everything. That's one thing I wish there was more in Oslo - more choices for restaurants, shops, entertainment, etc. It will get there, I'm sure. Someday :)

3. New York, USA.
I probably won't be able to shop in New York as I cannot justify splurging on branded goods. Blame it on my bargain shopper genes :) But, I'd love to walk around Manhattan and see Central Park, eat some good food, and enjoy the Big Apple. I'd like to see Autumn in New York too!

4. Spain
I read a lot of blog posts on people's trips to Spain and I am green with envy :) I'd really like to go to Spain and gorge on tapas, churros, but no Sangria. I don't drink, so Sangria is wasted on me. I hear shopping in Barcelona is really fun too.

5. Paris
I have never been to France. My mom and younger sister went there without me and I was quite bummed out about I really want to go to Paris. Just 1 photograph with the Eiffel Tower and I will feel better I think.

What about you? Where'd you like to go? :)


At 6/14/2010 09:20:00 PM , Anonymous Cas said...

You copy cat you :p why is your list just like mine? :p I want to go to all those exact places! The hubby and I were just discussing either a trip to Greece or Paris next year depending on the budget. Who knows maybe we might end up going there the same time? Hehe. I've been to San Fran, long time ago la - it's a great place to visit (lots of hot indians and of course gay dudes) and LA is a must too!

At 6/15/2010 12:01:00 AM , Blogger Fieran said...

A wise old man once said "Great Minds Think Alike"

I'd like to think that's the case here ;) Ohh if you're going to be in Europe, it would be great to meet up.

Lots of hot Indian guys in San Fran? Darn... *now* you tell me. It's a bit too late now, stuck with ze German man :)

I'm really curious about San Fran - because according to statistics, its the place where tech writers are highest paid. I don't plan on working in US, but I'm always curious. I don't think I can work in US because I enjoy shopping a bit too much and with the variety they have there, I probably won't have money left for food :/

Hm, you should write a "Wanderlust" post yourself :)


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