Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I apologize for not blogging much. I don't really know what to write anymore :) I can't say it's writers''s just more of lack of information and too much moodiness. I write a few posts at work using Notepad and save it. Then I come home and re-read them and think "Nah, I'm not publishing this!" and I delete 'em. So, that's why there aren't many new posts lately.

I have extended my Internship - yet again - until 22nd February 2006. I wrote to my faculty and they said they are not going to accept 57 working days. They want exactly 60 days. I feel very disappointed that my whole holiday turned into some kind of "work-every-day" thing. I did my relative's translation, the Internship - I barely had any rest. Not to mention the whole list of family functions I attended (Remember Sunday's wedding at Kedah? We came back on Monday 7am and I slept for 3 hours and then I went to work at 11am.), oh wait, there is another one this Sunday - grandmother's prayers; the main reason I'm going back late.

I guess I am disappointed because I had a whole long list of things to do but I didn't get all of them done. Perfectionism at its worst. I'm quite sure a lot of people are irritated with me. I promised a friend I'd go visit her mom who was not feeling too well mid-last-year. I haven't done that yet. I also promised her I'll send her some episodes through vcds and all that. I didn't do that yet. I have written the cds and a birthday card but I haven't gotten around to sending them yet. I'm lousy. I can't believe I am so inefficient. My room is a mess, I haven't cleaned it up yet. Maybe I'm disappointed wiht myself as well.

Best part is, some people don't understand. They think "Oh, she's on holidays. She's so mean for not contacting me." Right, I'm also very mean to myself for barely sleeping properly. I try to do so many things when I go home after work. I rush during lunch time to order textbooks and I booked my flight ticket and sent the telegraphic transfer for my fees when I was on Medical Leave. Sounds fun huh.

I really wanted to study a little before leaving for Aust. That definitely did not come true. One of my online friends foresaw that. He was like "I'm very sure you won't get it done." Thanks :( You were right. Looks like I have to really, really plan my time in Aust very well otherwise I'm going to mess up. I'm terrified of messing up. I look normal on the outside, but on the inside, I'm a bundle of nerves. I worry and panic over everything.

My aunt, cousins, and my cousin's cute daughter are coming over today. I won't be at home while they are there but I hope they'll be around till late tonight. See, this is why I hate working - it's so hard for me to spend time with anyone. I wanted Dibba to come hang out at my place and have a movie marathon complete with Popcorn, but she's right for declining because I'm never at home.

I met up with Dibba yesterday..yeah, we spent our Valentine's Day together because both of us are single. Hahaha, I'm happy with being single. I like things perfectly this way. But Dibba, I have a feeling she's "looking". Hahahaha. You guys should have seen the way she was dressed - cool blue jeans, pink ladylike top with chandelier earrings and all. And I was just wearing a white hoodie and a denim skirt. Yeah, I lost to her sense of dressing hands down. She refused to let me take a picture of her actually, otherwise I'd have one on here now. She's mean :(

Oh, but she brought me 3 Ferrero Rochers :) I'm on a diet, that's why she brought it I think - to ruin my diet. We pigged out at All-star Cafe in MidValley. The food was nice. I liked how they had a little slice of lemon in the large glass of water and the chicken burger was filling. I had unhealthy cheezels during the movie (Deepa didn't want to take any!) and a bit of Coke. But otherwise it was okay. Ooh, and we had a three-scoop-sundae at Baskin Robbins. The flavours were: Maui Brownie Madness, Jamoca Almond Fudge and Love Potion #31. It was delicious :) If only I could substitute ice-cream for all my main meals and look like a Supermodel. Hahaha.

Well, Dibba and I watched the new Harrison Ford movie - Firewall. It was quite good actually. I liked how the story was always "to the point" and there weren't really any unnecessary information given. The whole story is about a Bank's Vice President of Security getting forced to rob the bank by a bunch-of-goons-who-don't-really-look-like-goons who kidnap his family.

Did I mention I met up with Shary? :) We had lunch at Italiannies on Saturday. It was so much fun. Just the two of us yakking non-stop. I met Shary four years ago when I first started college. Shary is really nice - not judgemental, not pushy, so patient. She never says anything to hurt anyone's feelings..and she's very helpful when you tell her you're looking for stuff. She helped me scout jackets and all at the mall while we were there. I am glad I met up with her. Shary's got a new hairdo and looking very feminine.

I am so going to hang out with a lot more people when I come back in July for 3 weeks :) I won't be working then! Yay!

I handed in another report on Monday to my supervisor. Guess what? It's Wednesday today and he still hasn't read it. Grrrrrr. How irritating can people be? I need to know if it's okay or if I need to amend anything. *sigh* :) That's what's been happening so far I guess...

I just feel like being lazy. I don't even feel like going to Australia and having to fend for myself again. I haven't even got into a final year project yet - keep getting rejected. :|


At 2/15/2006 05:35:00 PM , Anonymous Deepa said...

Grrr...u better hide from me after this post woman!..and for ur info,I'm not looking...just realised how easy and relaxing it is to be single....why wud i want to ruin that?

At 2/15/2006 09:02:00 PM , Blogger Fieran said...

Hahaha, you don't scare me Dibba! :)

At 2/15/2006 10:40:00 PM , Anonymous Deepa said...

the name is Deepa...

At 2/16/2006 01:19:00 AM , Blogger Fieran said...

It's Dibba ;)

At 2/16/2006 08:23:00 AM , Anonymous selene said...

hey no worries girl, i don't mind :) the main thing is that i just wanna hear from you :) oh since you haven't sent don't forget harry potter as well! if it isn't too much trouble...glad you did something on V-day, it's nice seeing you talk abnout happy stuff!


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