Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another Thursday Afternoon...

and my Weekend has already began! Hahaha. It's great. Can't say I am not enjoying this semester of University. I handed in my first project for my embedded systems design class. It's good that everything worked (Yeah!!!). I mean I didn't know how to react to having everything working - FOR ONCE :) It was good.

Anyway, I just watched the new episode of Grey's Anatomy. It wasn't interesting. I think they're dragging alot of the plot. Gets frustrating - like Smallville. Drag, drag, drag. How can Addison Montgomery Sheppard be FRIENDS with Meredith Grey? Get real, guys! Urgh, annoying people in Grey's Anatomy.

Hmm, I'm working on Math now. I've been ignoring Math and working on "more important" stuff lately. Funny how when you've taken more than 8 Math courses in the span of 5 years, you sub-consciously tend to think your other subjects are more important than Math and Math becomes like a routine for you. I mean, every semester, I have at least one Math-based course. Can't say I don't like it, gets tedious sometimes. You dread attending lectures where when you miss one line of calculation on the board - you get lost.

I also have to work on my thesis. I'm working on a mouse-like device. I don't want to give too much details because my blog is one of the first results when you search Google and that is scary. Makes me a bit uncomfortable posting photographs and all. Not that I'll get any stalkers but it makes me want to draw back rather than move ahead and bare all the details of my life.

You never know who reads your blog.


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