Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Routine Life

Life is as usual these days - I attend lectures, work on my assignments, crack my brains on projects...cook nice, edible and rather tasty food, bug my friends online, watch a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy and House occassionally, go grocery shopping. That's about it.

I'd say it's fun. I don't freak out anymore...I don't even panic. Which is really a good sign. I'm actually blogging from the lab now. The first part of my three-part code is actually working. I'm a bit happy over that. But now I gotta find out something about its timing then I should be able to move on to working on part two. The entire code plus a write-up on it is due this time next week. That gives me exactly one week. Writing the article is not a problem but completing the code seems to be a little tough. I have back-up code from my project partner who took this subject last year but failed it due to silly "not-studying" reasons.

But yeah, so technically, we can always hand in his code. But I'm determined to learn how to code the entire thing either way. Stubborn, ain't I? :)

I have a sudden craving for sugar. I haven't been eating any junkfood since I came back from holidays. Hm, maybe I'll get a slice of cake if the code works properly :) How's that for motivation?

Anyway, back to observing bits on screen. Cyou guys!

p/s - It's Thursday tomorrow. My weekend starts unofficially. I'm supposed to see my project supervisor on Friday but he has not replied my e-mail. Grrrr, this is why I always think quite a lot of men I know are just plain inefficient which includes my lab partner who is still not here (class starts at 8am, it's 9.07am now and that fool is still nowhere to be seen). I refuse to waste my cell phone credit SMSing him. No way.


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