Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Weekend

Well, my weekend starts Thursday 12pm actually. *grins* I have a class from 8-10 and 10-11 on Thursday. Then 11-12 I usually bum around in the library looking for books I need over the weekend (usually stuff I want to read up on), and at 12pm, my "weekend" has officially begin.

Well, don't get jealous yet because once I start working on my thesis project (it has something to do with building a keypad onto a mouse), I won't have much of a weekend. LOL. It's just the beginning but I'm going to be very positive.

Actually, my positivity is helping. I've managed to master this microcontroller programming stuff I've been cracking my brains over. I mean, seriously, I thought I couldn't really learn it up but I did :) Despite not being stressed and all that.

*sigh* I'm content I guess.

Uni is fine otherwise. I'm still waiting for a Math textbook to arrive from Malaysia. The postal service is SLOW. I miss FedEx, but it's not cheap. So I had to opt for normal post...but it takes ages. Grrr.

I've been cooking a fair bit. I made cantonese style stir-fried chicken today (using readymade sauce). It tasted a lot like the cashew nut chicken we usually buy in chinese restaurants (no I didn't use cashews) - I mean, that's the oyster sauce taste you know - sweet and saucy? It was pretty good actually. Looks like I won't set the kitchen on fire. Hehehe.

Ooh, I didn't tell you guys about the outcome of the meeting with the "lecturer". See basically, Lecturer 1 offered me a project which would require tons of research and a tiny bit of implementation. But if I were to talke his project, I need a subject known as Research Methods. Now, to take Research Methods, I have to drop Marketing.

Then, I told him I'll consider it and I set out looking for other possible projects. Then I saw Lecturer 2's project - building a keypad onto a mouse and I e-mailed him. This is more of an implementation type of project.

To cut the long story short, I got into Lecturer 2's project. It's a lot of work, but I'll manage ;)


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