Thursday, March 02, 2006

Some Pictures

I haven't been putting in much pictures. Sorry about that, just too lazy to upload them from my camera.

This is the mango smoothie I had with my sister, her boyfriend, her boyfriend's brother and his girlfriend at this cafe in Kota Kemuning, known as Cravings. As with all sweet things, the smoothie was delicious ;)

This is the chocolate banana milkshake I drank at Chilli's when my family and I had lunch there for my Dad's birthday (18/02). I think it looks sinful but it tasted sooo good. Hahaha.

Manelle and I had lunch and did some shopping today. I picked up shades (finally!) and some groceries. I find it fun buying groceries but I hate the feeling when you watch the money go away. It's as though a small part of you is being ripped away or something..

We had Starbucks - Tall No-whip Mocha (and the barista got my name wrong...grr)

Then, Manelle wanted to try on this particular hat she liked.

She's Pretty eh ;)

That's my cute niece and her mom. That innocent, defenseless expression on my niece's face is an act. Hahaha, you should see her dance!

....and she's dancing ;)


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