Saturday, July 15, 2006

RRS: Ramblings, Rants, Spoilers

I watched three movies between yesterday and today.

1. The Break-Up
2. The Lake House
3. Pirates of The Caribbean 2

I liked The Break-Up. Of course it was very hyped up but I like the ending. The movie itself is a bit sad because you see how two people fight over unimportant stuff despite actually caring a lot about each other.

As for The Lake House...I really liked it too. Keanu Reeves not only looked good, he acted very well. The same goes for Sandra Bullock. The two of them are such good actors that they just fit into the characters effortlessly.

Hmm, what do I say about Pirates of The Caribbean 2? I found Jack Sparrow hilarious. Will Turner did have more masculinity in this installment as I found him more brave and bold and smart. It used to be more of Jack Sparrow's antics rather than Will Turner's which actually saved the day. Of course you have to watch Part 3 now to find out whether Jack Sparrow lives or not. They also bring back Barbosa at the end of the film. It's a good watch - I laughed way too much for my own good :)


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