Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ah Venice :)

Venice was beautiful. Here's a link to the photographs I took.

I shall write more about it soon :)

Well, I'd better write my memories now, before they disappear in the daily grind.

So we went to Venice from March 31st till April 4th. It was beautiful. We stayed in a beautiful hotel in Dorsoduro, so you kind of got the feeling that you were far away from the noisy touristy area, that is San Marco, Canareggio, San Polo, etc.

I have to say, the most frequently used word in Venice is "Marco". You hear it and you see it EVERYWHERE.

We went to the Doge's Palace which was very nice. It's amazing how luxurious and classy it looks on the outside, but on the inside it is actually split in two. You have the modest, practical looking floors where the middle class used to work. And then you have the opulent parts where the Nobels are. We did the Secret Itinerariestour and our tour guide was so enthusiastic, she verbally transported us to the 16th century. It was so much fun :) The tour of Cassanova's cell and her recounting of his "great escape" kind of makes me want to watch the movie "Cassanova". Not sure how good that movie is though.

The buildings in Venice are old. I get really spooked by old buildings - I don't know why. They have character and charm, definitely, but for some reason I keep thinking of ghosts and how they probably haunt these buildings. Overactive imagination, huh.

Now, although these buildings are old, I am in awe of how well they have been built - most of them are still standing after 6 or 7 centuries! Can't say that about buildings nowadays, can you?

When San Marco is empty, there's a certain sense of calm and tranquility about it. Since we were there on a Wednesday, it was quite relaxed and not very busy. Of course there were still tourists, but you could walk in the streets without bumping into anybody. The boyfriend and I strolled through the streets, me drooling at leather bags that I did not buy because they weren't exactly cheap, and I just didn't feel like spending money. I don't know why, the whole time I was there, I was quite thrifty - so unlike me :) We had the best gelato ever, at 1.50 Euro a scoop. Sometimes we paid a bit more, like 2 Euros.

(I don't mean to sound like a spoiled brat, but I always compare my expenses with Norwegian prices when I travel. See Norwegian prices are not bad, because you can earn enough to survive in Norway and you get used to how much Ringgit the things cost. But when you travel, you feel like everything is a lot cheaper..)

Apart from the main sistieres, we also went to Murano, Burano, and Torcello. These are three very cute islands in Veneto. We didn't spend much time in Murano apart from visiting a glass factory, but in Burano and Torcello we managed to take a quick walk around the island and get a feel for it. If I do get to go to Venice again (fat hopes, but hey, a girl can dream :)), I want to check out Lido island.


At 4/08/2010 10:07:00 PM , Anonymous Cas said...

Eeek Venice is so gorgeous!! Great pics AND I see more pics of you :)YAY! Did you shop much?

At 4/08/2010 11:29:00 PM , Blogger Fieran said...

@Cas: Thank you. The new 35mm camera lens takes some credit for the photos :)

I didn't shop much - there were tons of glass ornaments, scarves, leather goods for sale. Clothing was mostly branded goods that I can't justify purchasing.

I picked up 3 small Murano glass pendants, a simple glass locket with satin string, and 3 scarves. It's almost nothing compared to my haul from London this time last year. I had to buy a whole new hand luggage to stuff everything in..hehehe.

I'm trying hard not to shop, as painful as it is, because I get major buyer's remorse lately. Not sure why.

At 4/11/2010 05:19:00 AM , Blogger a yummy mummy handbook said...

nice pictures this is one place i want to visit!..due to bad planning we are stuck in Cairo for the easter break..

biler nak dtg Cairo..:)

At 4/14/2010 09:21:00 PM , Blogger Fieran said...

YummyMummy! It's great to see a comment from you :)

*HUG* I'd love to visit Cairo..ahh, soo tempted..but must plan properly. If and when I plan a trip, will definitely consult you.

Hope things are well at your end :)


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