Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's been a Year

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It's been a year since I left Malaysia for Norway. I can safely say it has been a wise decision as the opportunities I have received in Norway are just great. Personally I have become a relaxed, more optimistic, well-rounded person. I have made many friends and learned many new things - from photography to cooking to Norsk and Salsa. Professionally I have managed to sharpen my writing skills and my coding skills, not to mention combine both of them for my daily job. Life is actually going pretty well.

I spent 6 days 5 nights at Uberlingen, Germany during Easter. It was a really nice trip. I bought a few pieces of clothing from Esprit and picked up a Fossil watch. I also managed to get a bigger Crumpler bag (for my camera) at a steal price and treated myself to some really nice cakes. I spent about an hour at Kreuzlingen, Switzerland - but that's just stepping into the city and having a cake/coffee...then leaving. Maybe next year I'll actually visit Switzerland.

My Christmas trip to London and this Easter trip to Germany would not have been possible had I not relocated to Norway. I guess living here as broadened my horizons in terms of traveling and experiencing life better.

Well, 1 year has gone by. Perhaps there will be more years here :) Who knows?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Strange Site

This is a site that generates class names for ... classes when you write programs. I came across this suggestion:

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

...of cabin trips, heaps of photographs, and more salsa.

DSC_0826, originally uploaded by kavindra_d.

I'm running out of topics for my blog you can see :) I had a great weekend at Norefjell - a mountain lodge 2 hours away from Oslo.

When you live far from home, you have to be willing to befriend people, mainly your colleagues, more than you normally would if you lived at home. I never thought I'd be such good friends with my colleagues as I have always been this person who draws lines for everything - I have my limits for all my friendships. I don't like being close to people because I see it as a sign of weakness - that you depend on somebody else instead of yourself.

However, these days, I've become less principle-obsessed and more realistic as my life in Norway is so much more colourful than it used to be. I have also signed up for another course of Salsa because its just too much fun.

Here's to more colourful days ahead! :)

P/s - I don't drink, so when I hang out with my friends who do, I order either a hot chocolate, a mocha, or a cafe latte and use that for "cheers".