Thursday, July 24, 2008

So Much To Do...

So Little Time.

Oh my goodness. The amount of things happening these days is just so overwhelming. My Mom and Sis visited, I prepared for that, I organized a dinner for them to dine with my cool friends around Oslo. Then I moved apartments, 15 days ahead of schedule because my landlord is a sweetheart. So I packed, rented a car, bullied S into driving 5 trips to the new place and then a nice trip to Ikea (Ikea is way more fun when you have a car booth to fill rather than lug the bags on the bus). Now its been a week since I moved, I am still unpacking and still in the midst of cleaning up my old place to hand it over to the apartment's agent. It's got no more things in it - just needs to be cleaned up but I can't seem to bring myself there after work because work itself is so draining. I work in two departments and the workload is quite a bit. I still have to figure out my internet access in the new place and return the cable modem from the old place and all that. *Sigh* This whole being an adult thing is difficult - you don't get time to just sit back and relax - its just chasing one deadline after the other.

There, end of rant :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Almost There

I am in the midst of packing. Strangely, I do not have that much stuff. I remember when I moved Towers in International House, years ago, I had 10 boxes of belongings. Now I have 5 boxes of belongings. Feels strange to have less things these days. I guess those days of me being a sentimental pack rat are over. I seem to have little trouble throwing out stuff.

I had mexican food for dinner on Friday. No photos, sorry, I did not have my camera on me. Maybe it might be easier to carry my camera around once I move to the new place as it is much nearer to the city and other spots where I hang out.

I shall blog again with photos of the new apartment in 2-3 days time. Till then, Cheerio and have a good Sunday.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Raisin Bread

One of the worst things about living abroad is growing accustomed to the food there. Then when you don't have it - you miss it. Some days I miss raisin bread so much, I go looking for it at various bakeries. Unfortunately, Oslo is a small city of about 500,000 people; variety is not their cup of tea ;)

I figured - if I can't buy it, I should make it. I found a recipe that did not sound too difficult, and made the usual agreement with Simon: 10% of everything baked with his oven is his share. The dough is sitting now...for another 20 minutes (needs to be left to rise for 1.5 hours). I'm excited. The realist in me knows that it will never taste as good as the one I used to eat in Australia. I'll just give it a try anyway :)

# Edit

A photo of the raisin bread (tasted quite good, but different from what I am used to in Brisbane)