Wednesday, March 29, 2006


According to William Hazlitt, "The art of life is to know how to enjoy a little and to endure very much."

Oh my goodness. That is so true! It's like he hit the jackpot. Amidst all my assignments, thesis, readings and all that, I have been re-thinking my life. It always happens as my birthday comes closer. I start to re-think and re-evaluate a lot of my decisions in life. I admit that I sometimes study too much. To a certain extent, I have some regrets - I mean, I do regret putting too much effort into certain things. Like you know that article I was working last week? A magazine-type article for one of my Embedded systems design project? Well, I scored full marks - 25/25. But I wrote too much. I mean, I could have accomplished the same marks without writing 9 pages. So sometiems I kind of "over-do" things. It's not because I am terrified or anything, but maybe I have too much passion for engineering.

I'm a perfectionist. I like to hand in my best efforts...not some lukewarm, "I-think-it-meets-the-criteria" product, you know? Most people don't get it. I got into another not-so-nice conversation with some "friends". They keep saying things like "you don't talk to us anymore" or "you didn't say hi the other day" or "oh, I'm doing medicine, if I have the time to attend college functions, then you should too!"

That's not fair. People manage their time differently. It's so judgemental to say that. I have to do what I have to do. I am so sick and tired of trying to explain to people that whole point. I know, we don't have to bother about what people think. But sometimes you just wish, people got the point. That I do not manage my life the way most people do. I've lived this way all my life - doing what is Necessary, not what I want. Of course I want to be an engineer, but it is necessary for me, in my situation, with my type of thinking, to study that much. Why can't people just understand? For once? Why is the fault always within me? Why is it that they always blame me? "You study too much", "You work too hard", "You're not enjoying your life enough". Yes, I know that. Really, I do. But my form of enjoyment is buying an iced mocha (which comes with a scoop of ice-cream) and a ham, cheese and tomato croissant after a long day of work or a good grade in an assignment. I'm a different person. I really wish people would get that sometimes.

It's so disheartening. I'm not whining, really. I've accepted it to a certain extent. But I just so hate being misunderstood. I hate it. I have to say, although some people I know do not approve of the fact that I have moved rooms (which means I technically do not have to bump into a lot of people I don't want to see), I have a lot more peace of mind. I think it was a good decision. I don't wallow in these thoughts anymore. I do think of them, but because I don't see the people who are "causing" doesn't effect me much. I can still pick up my thoughts where I left off and keep working.

Hey, I'm doing great in class these days. So you can't really fault me for working too hard. Besides, I have so much fun grocery shopping and cooking that I don't really "miss" all these people anymore. I've moved on ;) Hah. Can't say I am not too happy with my life. It's quite good actually. Now if I can only make a good decision about where I want to work....

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ghost Whisperer

I miss watching Ghost Whisperer. I don't get to watch it anymore because oddly enough, the people in the network (I can't really explain this in detail because it's bad publicity for my 'network'..hahaha) don't watch it. I find it sad because I prefer Ghost Whisperer than a lot of other tv series. It makes you re-evaluate a lot of things. It's not like I'm going to start believing in ghosts and all that but it gives you an insight to life and death.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Blogging @ Lunch

It's 11.50am now and I'm having an early lunch so I can get back to working on my Math assignment asap.

I'm eating the cashew nut chicken curry from day before yesterday (I usually do that - cook more than one serving so I have food for another meal) with some dipping bread. It's tasty :)

I've lost weight ;) I can actually fit into one of my Skinny Jeans. Hehehe. Now if I can just eat less and consume less sugar... ;)

It's about 2 weeks to my birthday and I just realised that I have a mid semester exam the day after and also a mid semester exam three days later. Gee, not fun having a birthday DURING the semester. Grrrr.

Anyway, have fun guys and enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another Thursday Afternoon...

and my Weekend has already began! Hahaha. It's great. Can't say I am not enjoying this semester of University. I handed in my first project for my embedded systems design class. It's good that everything worked (Yeah!!!). I mean I didn't know how to react to having everything working - FOR ONCE :) It was good.

Anyway, I just watched the new episode of Grey's Anatomy. It wasn't interesting. I think they're dragging alot of the plot. Gets frustrating - like Smallville. Drag, drag, drag. How can Addison Montgomery Sheppard be FRIENDS with Meredith Grey? Get real, guys! Urgh, annoying people in Grey's Anatomy.

Hmm, I'm working on Math now. I've been ignoring Math and working on "more important" stuff lately. Funny how when you've taken more than 8 Math courses in the span of 5 years, you sub-consciously tend to think your other subjects are more important than Math and Math becomes like a routine for you. I mean, every semester, I have at least one Math-based course. Can't say I don't like it, gets tedious sometimes. You dread attending lectures where when you miss one line of calculation on the board - you get lost.

I also have to work on my thesis. I'm working on a mouse-like device. I don't want to give too much details because my blog is one of the first results when you search Google and that is scary. Makes me a bit uncomfortable posting photographs and all. Not that I'll get any stalkers but it makes me want to draw back rather than move ahead and bare all the details of my life.

You never know who reads your blog.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hey Guys

I apologize (as usual) for not really updating. My code (part 2) is giving me some trouble, I spent another 5 hours in the lab trying to fix it on Friday - little progress though. Don't worry, I refuse to give up :) I'm pretty positive still. I spoke to my thesis supervisor - the man's a gem actually. Can't believe he has so much confidence in me, but then again, IF I actually mess up - it's my degree on the line. So yeah, maybe that's why he's not really worried.

I need to start researching on the thesis. I think I'll spend tomorrow in the library, poring over books. Actually I have borrowed some. I have slight trouble working at home because it's way too comfortable. L gave me this beautiful chair. It's soo nice to sit on.

I've been writing this article for part of my assignment. I like it so far so it's a good idea. I'm considering taking a class on writing as part of my free electives for next semester. Been browsing the government web site to take a look at the procedures for applying for permanent residence. Seems tough...not too sure if I should apply or not, actually. I think it'll be nice, but I don't think my parents/family are keen on it. You know how I dread disappointing them but sometimes you just want to be an accomplished person - not that I don't like where I come from, I just want to have more opportunities in future. I mean you study like a freak and if you can't get the job you desire - won't you be unhappy?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It Worked!

After almost 4 hours in the lab, my code worked. Yayyy ;)

Routine Life

Life is as usual these days - I attend lectures, work on my assignments, crack my brains on projects...cook nice, edible and rather tasty food, bug my friends online, watch a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy and House occassionally, go grocery shopping. That's about it.

I'd say it's fun. I don't freak out anymore...I don't even panic. Which is really a good sign. I'm actually blogging from the lab now. The first part of my three-part code is actually working. I'm a bit happy over that. But now I gotta find out something about its timing then I should be able to move on to working on part two. The entire code plus a write-up on it is due this time next week. That gives me exactly one week. Writing the article is not a problem but completing the code seems to be a little tough. I have back-up code from my project partner who took this subject last year but failed it due to silly "not-studying" reasons.

But yeah, so technically, we can always hand in his code. But I'm determined to learn how to code the entire thing either way. Stubborn, ain't I? :)

I have a sudden craving for sugar. I haven't been eating any junkfood since I came back from holidays. Hm, maybe I'll get a slice of cake if the code works properly :) How's that for motivation?

Anyway, back to observing bits on screen. Cyou guys!

p/s - It's Thursday tomorrow. My weekend starts unofficially. I'm supposed to see my project supervisor on Friday but he has not replied my e-mail. Grrrr, this is why I always think quite a lot of men I know are just plain inefficient which includes my lab partner who is still not here (class starts at 8am, it's 9.07am now and that fool is still nowhere to be seen). I refuse to waste my cell phone credit SMSing him. No way.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Weekend

Well, my weekend starts Thursday 12pm actually. *grins* I have a class from 8-10 and 10-11 on Thursday. Then 11-12 I usually bum around in the library looking for books I need over the weekend (usually stuff I want to read up on), and at 12pm, my "weekend" has officially begin.

Well, don't get jealous yet because once I start working on my thesis project (it has something to do with building a keypad onto a mouse), I won't have much of a weekend. LOL. It's just the beginning but I'm going to be very positive.

Actually, my positivity is helping. I've managed to master this microcontroller programming stuff I've been cracking my brains over. I mean, seriously, I thought I couldn't really learn it up but I did :) Despite not being stressed and all that.

*sigh* I'm content I guess.

Uni is fine otherwise. I'm still waiting for a Math textbook to arrive from Malaysia. The postal service is SLOW. I miss FedEx, but it's not cheap. So I had to opt for normal post...but it takes ages. Grrr.

I've been cooking a fair bit. I made cantonese style stir-fried chicken today (using readymade sauce). It tasted a lot like the cashew nut chicken we usually buy in chinese restaurants (no I didn't use cashews) - I mean, that's the oyster sauce taste you know - sweet and saucy? It was pretty good actually. Looks like I won't set the kitchen on fire. Hehehe.

Ooh, I didn't tell you guys about the outcome of the meeting with the "lecturer". See basically, Lecturer 1 offered me a project which would require tons of research and a tiny bit of implementation. But if I were to talke his project, I need a subject known as Research Methods. Now, to take Research Methods, I have to drop Marketing.

Then, I told him I'll consider it and I set out looking for other possible projects. Then I saw Lecturer 2's project - building a keypad onto a mouse and I e-mailed him. This is more of an implementation type of project.

To cut the long story short, I got into Lecturer 2's project. It's a lot of work, but I'll manage ;)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

P is for Pizza...and Procrastinating

I had pizza for dinner last night - was way too hungry to take a picture of it. I don't seem to have the urge to take many photographs anymore - not too sure why. Anyway, I'm procrastinating now because I should be coding my Project 1 for my Embedded Systems course but I think sub-consciously, I know I have a lot of time, so I don't seem to be getting around to it. I have a rough outline of the code in my head and I'm going to work on that today, after lunch or something. Wish me luck :)

Oh, by the way, I'm having so much fun taking Marketing as my free elective. I feel so relaxed in that class. I mean, the environment is so different - the girls dress so well. Hahaha. Most engineers in my class dress simple - nothing special; typical jeans and t-shirt (I'm like that too, unless I wake up and think - I'm dressing up today.).

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Of Yahoo! and Blogs

I usually play Literati with VM and a few weeks ago he mentioned that he made the word "blog" (while playing with someone else...gee VM, I thought *I* was special...) and Literati's dictionary said it was not a word. VM blogged about it here. I just thought I'll link it here because I think its amusing.

Correction: VM claims he was playing that game with maybe he's right (but I'm rarely wrong!)

It's not very rainy today (Sunday). I'm spending the whole day at home - reading stuff for a project I want to get into. To be honest I don't really know much about the project but it's the only one where I got a reply from the lecturer - a positive reply that is.

I have about 25 odd pages to read by tomorrow 1pm and I was planning (yeah, I plan a lot, but don't really accomplish much) on Googling some of the terms and trying to understand more about the project. I'm hoping to impress the lecturer so he'll pick me, but then again, I'm not too sure what he's looking for in a research student.

I like my new room. I'll take pictures and put them up eventually. I forgot to buy pins for my softboard so my table is a bit messy. I'll get those pins, put away some of my cooking gear, finish my laundry stuff then I promise - I'll take pictures and put them up. Till then, please bear with me.

Someone told me, yesterday, that I shouldn't let my work control me. Instead, *I* should control my work. That's very true actually. I'll remember that ;) Thanks.

By the way, I had fun on Friday night. No, not clubbing whatsoever. I had authentic, tasty, to-die-for Thai food with some friends (5 girls to be exact) at a restaurant at Fortitude Valley. Then, we got drenched in the rain, despite having umbrellas (you know what happens when the wind blows your umbrella away...) and we stopped by Starbucks to grab steamy coffees before hopping on the bus and heading home. It was nice to eat such good food and of course, you know how I love coffee ;)

I didn't take pictures because I carried a small bag and my camera is not very light. Sorry :)

Okay, back to reading that stack. Wish me luck guys and I'll blog tomorrow of the outcome of my "meeting" with the lecturer :)


It's been raining for days - since I came until today. It's so odd how it's so cold. I'm already wearing jackets around IH and it's not even winter yet. Hmm, weird, weird weather.

I bought a pair of sunglasses (I think I mentioned it in the earlier post) and I only got to wear it for like 40 minutes yesterday, then it started to rain. Grrr.

Apart from that, uni is okay. I'm being more positive so I won't rant.

Take care you guys :)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Some Pictures

I haven't been putting in much pictures. Sorry about that, just too lazy to upload them from my camera.

This is the mango smoothie I had with my sister, her boyfriend, her boyfriend's brother and his girlfriend at this cafe in Kota Kemuning, known as Cravings. As with all sweet things, the smoothie was delicious ;)

This is the chocolate banana milkshake I drank at Chilli's when my family and I had lunch there for my Dad's birthday (18/02). I think it looks sinful but it tasted sooo good. Hahaha.

Manelle and I had lunch and did some shopping today. I picked up shades (finally!) and some groceries. I find it fun buying groceries but I hate the feeling when you watch the money go away. It's as though a small part of you is being ripped away or something..

We had Starbucks - Tall No-whip Mocha (and the barista got my name wrong...grr)

Then, Manelle wanted to try on this particular hat she liked.

She's Pretty eh ;)

That's my cute niece and her mom. That innocent, defenseless expression on my niece's face is an act. Hahaha, you should see her dance!

....and she's dancing ;)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I'm still around - just extremely exhausted from lugging around boxes (up four floors...I live on the fourth floor), settling textbooks (they changed my Math textbook on the first day of class...GRR), I have to cook for myself now and of course, the dreaded UNPACKING.

I can't say cooking is not fun. I seem to enjoy myself at the kitchen. Hehehe. and It's so much fun when what you make is actually edible + tasty ;) I like my new room, I'll post pics up when I've unpacked properly okay? I'm just really, really tired from all the walking in the sun and all that.

I attended my first lecture for Marketing today. It was quite interesting. I'm glad I took the course actually. At least I get to relax a little.

It's Thursday tomorrow, I have a class at 9, then I'm free till Monday. I officially am off on Friday. Cool huh ;) Oh and on Monday, my class starts at 2 pm :)