Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's One Minute To House!

Well, in 1 minute's time, House, MD starts. I'm watching some episode (not sure which one it is yet) on the TV upstairs. I ehaven't watched House, MD in Malaysia yet.

I start my internship this Thursday - day after tomorrow. I am a wee bit excited but I'm not really sure what sort of job I'll get. Possibly something computer-based. God, I'll be so bored if it's a typist/clerk/admin type of job. I have a hunch that's the type of job I'll be getting. Hmm, it'll just increase my typing speed I guess. That's not so bad now, is it? :)

I can still fit one of my black slacks I used to wear back when I was a typist at the auditing firm. That's not too bad I guess. I'm a bit annoyed that I've become "wider". I won't say fatter because I can still fit most of my clothing, just that they don't look nice. It's like ill-fitting.

Oooh, House is starting. It's the episode with the young kid with obesity. Hmm, the theme song is different. Yay, I heard about it but I finally get to experience it. Hehehe. Yes, I'm a TV series addict. I just finished watching Grey's Anatomy Episode 10, Desperate Housewives Episode 9, almost completed downloading Ghost Whisperer Episode 3. Hmm :) I have to finish like 50 pages of translation by tomorrow lunch. Then I have about 20 diagrams to draw. *Sigh* It's money....can't say I don't mind some shopping. Must be a reason why I came back with half a luggage ;)

What can I say? I always have the future in mind...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Back :)

Okay. I confess. I have been away from the "blogging scene" for awhile. I just don't have much to write - you know, lazy people like me who just bum around everyday with no care for what day and date it is. Can't help it. It's fun. I've been doing a bit of window shopping, I picked up three t-shirts yesterday. Drooled at about five pairs of jeans...but I'll wait for the sale. Might just get one pair before I leave. I got an internship. I heard its a small engineering firm. Not too bad I guess, considering I need it to graduate.

Results aren't out yet. I do have guts - I've been checking everyday. I'm gonna face it, I mean, if, God forbid I fail a subject, I'll handle it. It's not so bad after all...people handle worse failures, right?

After so many years, I have finally managed to set up bit torrent on my laptop with the home Streamyx connection. Cool huh ;) I have all my episodes to keep me company now. It's so much fun.

I've been watching House, Ghost Whisperer, Grey's Anatomy and Smallville. Oh, not to forget Desperate Housewives. My younger sister bought the DVDs for the first two seasons of The O.C. So I've started watching that too. I like series. They're interesting.

Friday, November 25, 2005


I haven't been up to much, at all. I don't feel like blogging, actually. I have this urge to curl up into a ball and ignore the world. I don't know why - feel very confused. I thought coming home will clear my head. Everything will look crystal clear and I'll know exactly what I have to do. I don't feel that way though. Maybe I expected too much - something I always do. Build up the anticipation, then disappoint myself. I am the cause of my own unhappiness...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Catching Up With Old Pals

That's my plan for this break. To meet up all my old friends and catch up with them. These lucky people are all graduating end of this year and I do not think they'll have much time for me once they start working. I mean, which respectable business administrator will want to hear my whinging about assignments and exams? :) Hehehe.

So, I met up with Kim yesterday, for lunch. We had fun, just talking non-stop, window shopping, eating nice vietnamese food and also drinking ice blended coffee at The Coffee Bean. We're supposed to meet up again soon, once she's completed her last assignment. For pics, take a look at Kim's interesting blog.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Being Lazy

I haven't been lazy in awhile. I haven't been doing much either. Been window shopping a fair bit...keeping an eye on the things I want. I tried a couple pairs of Levi's jeans today. So, I know what I want. I'm just gonna lose some weight and then buy 'em ;)

I also saw some nice tops. Let's hope there's a sale in December where I get about 20% discount or something. Then, I'll grab 'em. I also reserved a set of Ian Irvine fantasy novels. Been wanting to read his books awhile. I'm gonna drag Dad to the bookstore tomorrow ;)...so he can pay for them. *Evil grin* Hey, my Dad doesnt mind ;) [Note to self: Keep doing this, and it will be certified that you're a spoilt brat.]

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Nokia 6101

My Dad got me a new phone, because my current phone is dying all the time. It also doesn't look too good :| I like this phone so far. It was averagely priced. Couldn't bring myself to chose the Motorola Razr, despite how cool it looks. I just have trouble paying 1000+ for a phone :|

Harry Potter #4 + Spoilers

If there is one thing I dislike while watching a movie at the cinema is when the people I know, sitting next to me start talking non-stop through the movie. It's just so friggin' irritating. I mean, the reason you watch a movie at the theatre is to have 100% concentration on a movie. That's why you pay 10 bucks for that seat. Why can't some people just keep quiet and watch a movie? I don't get it. Fine, it's Harry Potter. If you haven't read the book, it's okay, watch the movie then. Watch it as though you don't know the story and it definitely will make sense. Another type of person is the person who's trying to play director. The person literally calls each scene as it appears, muttering lines like "Oh, now you see Myrtle." or "Lookout! Voldemort is behind you." Rubbish. Just keep quiet and watch the movie. URGh.

Yeah, I'm home :) Irritated with the small stuff but very much alive.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The End...but not THE END

You know how you feel relieved when you finish your exams? You get this sense of satisfaction, knowing that you did your best? Well, I don't have that. But, I can't complain. Exams ARE over. So that is good.

I've started packing. I have till Thursday morning to settle everything before I leave. If I have extra money, I'd like to go shopping. Hehehehe...splurge ;) I wanted to buy Dad an office shirt. I saw beautiful ones at this store, Fletcher Jones. I also wanted to get my mom and sisters something. I bought my sisters some accessories, but I think they'd like clothes. We are very "clothes-people".

Hmm, apart from packing. I haven't been up to much. Just charging my camera battery, charging my laptop battery, making sure I pack everything properly...and listening to music loudly :)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

At Uni..

I'm Fieran@Uni. Yep yep, as usual...camping here. I think I should get a sleeping bag and just live in the GP South building's foyer. Sounds good huh. I'm trying to study, making slow, painful progress. Quote a guy here, "That's painful man, like putting needles in your eye." Yeah, definitely. But I can't complain. I am making progress. So, what are you guys up to? I get no comments lately. I'm feeling unloved and unwanted...LOL.

I have about five hours of Mathematics to work on and maybe another eight to nine hours of electronics I'd like to do. I'm considering pulling a 4-hour-sleep thing on Monday night so I can study for my Tuesday's exam. I can almost hear my Mom saying, "Make sure you sleep for awhile." Hahahaha, if she only knew how little sleep I get somedays. I know, its not good for me. But I can't help it sometimes....we do what we have to do.

Don't worry about me. I'm not suicidal or anything...just really disappointed. My classmate, Mr.M (he likes being told he's macho and all that..) got me boxes to pack my stuff up and he's letting me store the stuff at his house garage. Cool huh. Oh, he's also offered to send me to the airport. Whoa, I get to save AUD36. Now, that is good news. I asked him if he wanted anything from Malaysia, when I come back....guess what he asked? Cigarettes. Now how can *I* the anti-smoking-activist buy someone cigarettes? I'd be indirectly encouraging him to smoke. I never encourage people to smoke. I'm a good girl! *points at halo*...Sigh, sticky situation.

Apart from that, my life is so uneventful. I mean, seriously, people think when you study abroad, you get to like lots of stuff, party, club, get drunk, do ALL the silly stuff, without your parents knowing. But nah, I still live a very dry life. Reaidng textbooks, watching episodes on my laptop, contemplating my future...scaring myself to death with studies and grades and exams and killing my dreams of getting Honours...the usual :(

By the way, I didn't buy that pair of black jeans because it was pretty similar to a pair I have and also because it was no longer a great bargain. I don't like buying many pairs of jeans of the same colour. Jeans should be unique. I mean, I want to have various types of jeans, not the same thing over and over again. Hey, a girl has an image to maintain you know ;) Can't help it.

Ooh, for count-down's sake...I'm 4 days away from leaving. Pretty excited. I'm sooo gonna be lazy back home ;)

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Whoever came up with the line "Hardwork Pays" should be shot dead.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

...of Exams and Disappointments

You know what's bad? You repeatedly study for various subjects...you pour your heart into it. Spend hours, days...studying the same thing over and over again. Then, you sit for the exam. But, you come out with no satisfaction...because whatever you studied just did not come out. The exam questions either look remotely familiar, or just plain unfamiliar. It's just so disappointing; so frustrating. I feel like strangling someone. Really. I'm not a violent person, but if *I* can feel like that, then you can imagine how frustrating it is.

That's how my exam went today. I don't think its my fault. I did my best. I studied, I attended every single lecture. I tried. I did all the past-year questions, practice exams, revised tutorials, attended a consultation session. So, I shouldn't feel bad. Hah. Easier said than done. Why is it so hard? Why is everything I undertake so hard?

I can't seem to get any replies for my internship applications. Am I that bad an applicant? I do have alright grades, previous work experiences, etc. But, still no reply. I have to resort to asking people, family friends, relatives, if they know others who are looking for an engineering intern. It irritates me that I have to "pull string". Why can't I get what I deserve? Why can't somebody find my resume worthwhile and offer me an internship? I'm not asking for a million dollars - just a chance to learn. That's all. It's sixty days. I didn't even state a requirement for salary. It's okay if they don't pay me. Really. Just sign my internship form from the university and let me learn. Why is that so hard?

Sometimes its just so unfair. You spend so many years of your life...studying like crazy, sacrificing so many things to achieve your dream...only to sit back and wonder...is it even worth it?

Nah, I'm not giving up. That's my problem. I'm just too stubborn. Yeah, I'll complain, mope, whine, rant, ramble, grumble....but I'll still be here. I'm just too stubborn for my own good I guess. Too thick-skinned to take no for an answer.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Well, I did post something here, but I did from a friend's laptop coz I was at uni. I never take my laptop to uni these days because I cannot study with it being so near. In fact, after I write this post, I'm unplugging it, shutting it down and putting it on my bed. Can't help it, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger and what not are just soooo distracting when you're trying to cram before the exam. Hmm, "Cram Before The Exam", man that rhymes.

Anyway, I've just been studying. I challenged myself to not eating out at all, just IH food, that way I can save money. And, should I succeed, I'll "invest" in a pair of black jeans I spotted a few days ago. Hehehe, I bought the classic dark blue-ruggard one, but the black one is still on my mind.


Just got off the phone with Mom. She's making sure I checked the exam schedule properly. Hehehe, of all the people who live in IH, I'm the one who receives the most calls from home and who calls home the most. At least, that's what I assume. Can't help it though, I'm so used to doing things with my Mom's approval that I still seek for it. Like when I want to buy something big (clothes + books..NOT food), I still sms and ask for her permission. Yep, pampered kid. I'll agree a bit.

In nine days, I'll be home. Hmm, three months of bliss? Couldn't agree more. I have a long list of things I want to do. I've already made plans with kim and my younger sister. We're watching Harry Potter #4 that same day I reach and kim and I are meeting up the next day ;)

Anyway, back to books. Seeya!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Nightscapes...With People

I went with some friends to watch Serenity a few weeks ago. It was fun, a rainy night and a trip with the city cat (ferry). I haven't been on a city cat in a long time.

Pictures around Uni

This is the view from the ferry stop. What happened was that we thought the movie was starting at 9pm. It was actually 9.30pm. We were already at Southbank at 8.45pm. So, we went for coffee. *evil grin* It was my idea.

We were fiddling with my camera, so I look "blue" here. That's Wendy next to me, my senior resident. She's really cool.(No, I'm not entering a colgate advertisement. We were just laughing.)

This is Kate, my floor mate and Nozomi, a Japanese exchange student.

You know how I have a weakness for chocolate cake? I had to try this one. It was so good. I like that landslide effect.

That's my flat white. I used to only order lattes. Now I've changed to flat whites because lattes have foam. I don't want foam. The more foam I get, the less coffee I'm getting. So, it's flat whites for me ;)

That's Ann enjoying her Spider. A Spider is the Malaysian equivalent of the Root Beer Float. Except that a Spider is just Coke with ice-cream on top.

This is what Wendy ordered. I can't remember the name but it's just black coffee with cream on top. Starts with V I think....or A.

That's Wendy and her wall :) She's extremely sporting and does the funniest things.

A night scene. I'm not sure how clear it is.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Diwali.

It's Diwali today. My family is not exactly celebrating it in a grand manner because my grandmother passed away. It's actually my first Diwali away from home. Nope, I didn't really do anything special. Just completed a report two days early and handed it in. It does feel good. Now I have a lot of time to study.

I'm probably going to sound like a spoilt brat, but I have just requested (and it's been approved) for another change in room at IH. It's not because I don't like my current room. I like it a lot. I just don't like how the people I'm surrounded with, the undergraduates, are a bit hard to communicate with. There's a different mindset and it's very tiresome to talk to people who just don't understand what you're trying to say. Besides, the postgraduate towers have join bathrooms (ensuite) and you can cook yourself. Imagine, escaping the food ;) Now, that is a dream come true.

So, I spoke to the director. I cannot believe she was so nice. Really, she agreed immediately if I could produce a written letter proving that I am actually doing something akin to Honours. I got the letter, passed it in. And now I am actually moving in to the postgraduate tower. It's going to be a lot quieter. *PHEW* More peace of mind. I plan to work really hard, but the director made me promise that I will make an effort to attend postgraduate get-togethers and all that. *Grins* I'll try ;)