Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One of The Best Books I have Ever Read

On Saturday, I had a good Latte and a Blueberry Muffin at Starbucks for breakfast. Before that, I was in a huge bookstore in a mall on Alexandarplatz. There, I picked up this beautiful book by late author Melissa Nathan. This is her fifth book. I was very impressed with her earlier book Persuading Annie, that I went around Oslo bookstores looking for other books by her but to no avail. Surprisingly, I found it at the bookstore here. It was such a good book. I was hooked on it - I finished it after dinner on Sunday.

Apart from reading, I watched Wall-E with some colleagues and did some more shopping. I am a bit guilty for shopping a bit in Berlin but I can't help it. The range and the prices are way too tempting.

Sunday was spent reading, doing laundry and chatting with my friends online.

*** Image borrowed from FantasticFiction.co.uk

Monday, September 29, 2008

There Still Are Good People Left

You know when you live in a big city - you get jaded. You stop offering to help strangers because you read about all the bad things that befall innocent, helpful people. However, from time to time, you still see some good people giving their subway seat to an elderly person (I try to do this :)) or helping a sight-impaired individual cross the street.

This morning, on my way to work, I saw a guy help a mother lift her child's stroller down the stairs. Strangely this subway station nearby has no elevator (I will suffer through that with my luggage on Thursday... but I won't think about it just yet), so the poor mother was lifting her child's stroller and climbing down some stairs. Suddenly a guy in front of her just helped her lift it. It was so nice of him.

I guess there are still some good people out there...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feeling A Tad Bit More Relaxed

Things are falling into place now. The coming week is going to be the culmination point for one of my projects - I hope everything will go fine. Work is fine but there's still tons left to do. I just have to console myself and accept the fact that I cannot fix everything.

Been shopping and sightseeing around Berlin quite a bit - okay maybe more shopping than sightseeing... but I've always been that person. Malls make my day; especially malls where I can afford stuff in them :)

I'm getting myself prepared to Autumn in Oslo. I bought a pair of boots and a pair of jeans. Hoping to buy some nice sweaters and an autumn jacket before I leave back for Oslo next week.

Have a nice weekend guys :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

How Embarrassing

It is so embarrassing to read this article:


In Berlin

Every morning I take a 40 minute subway to my office. I live in the city area as it was the only apartment available - but the office is in an industrial area. It does not feel like a long trip - but it means waking up at 6.45am every day.

To be honest, I am tired. I've been working a lot prior to leaving Oslo because I had a lot of pending tasks to take care of. Now it is this sitting and grinding out documentation that is wearing me out. I hope to be recharged this weekend after some nice sightseeing, but we'll see :)

Berlin is a nice place - very different from Oslo, akin to London. There are tons of people around, and the weather is not bad. I must admit that food is so cheap here, compared to Oslo, so it doesn't hurt to eat out.

Monday, September 15, 2008

You Know You Are Spoiled ....

When no bed is good enough than the bed in your place. No bathroom is clean enough. No pillow is soft enough.

*Sigh* Oslo has spoiled me :(

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Halfway Packed

So I am going on a business trip to Germany this weekend. I will be there for awhile. I won't have much Internet access so I don't think I will be updating this blog much. I am definitely excited about the business trip as I have never had to travel for work before. However, I am very sure that the workload there will be "interesting" :)

I still have a bit of packing to do. It is difficult to tell how much clothing I will require. I have been bitten by the shopping bug lately... but I do hope I don't shop too much. Post-shopping-guilt is difficult to deal with ;)

Till my next post, have a great weekend guys.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Sometimes, getting people to see things from your perspective is just so difficult. It sucks to have a job based on subjectivity. If only the world was black and white.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just Fine

I know I haven't blogged much. I can't help it - my work load is increasing these days. So many deadlines to meet. I'm quite tired when I reach home. I have so many things I want to do:

-- Read
-- Bake biscotti
-- Clean the apartment
-- Rest
-- Cook new dishes, etc.

But I really don't have the time. I have a business trip mid September for 3 weeks, then I will be back in Oslo for a couple of weeks before leaving for my long awaited vacation in Malaysia. So technically, I am booked till mid November. I am wondering what to do for my Christmas vacation.

Work is looking up a little... I am learning to draw lines and not let a lot of things affect me. I'll manage just fine :)

I have a cabin trip with colleagues this weekend so I won't be blogging. I'll be back on Sunday evening - hopefully with some nice photographs as my trusty D40 will be coming along with me (my flickr account could use some good photos).

So, until next week, have a great week/weekend ahead!