Monday, November 27, 2006

....of Time and Being Free

It feels strange when you don't have to worry about time. I write this post at 4.13am, wide awake because I took an unnecessary nap between 3 something in the afternoon to 7 something at night. I know, how terrible of me? Hahaha :) It's just that I've never been one for naps as I always thought taking afternoon (or the Aussies call it) naps will make me sleepy and sluggish at that particular time each day. I develop habits very easily - I'm a routine freak. So, I stayed away from afternoon naps.

However, today, as I was reading I just fell asleep. I seem to be switching books often. It's not that the books I am reading are boring, its just that I pick one up, read a few pages and then jump to another book. I think I'm tired of concentrating after spending the past few months working constantly. I'm still feeling very tired. My hands hurt for no reason. My head hurts for no reason. Its weird. Maybe its some kind of delayed reaction to the difficult semester I recently endured.

My exam results should be out on the 29th of November. I don't know how I fared to be honest because a lot of it was not what I expected. We'll see.

And now for the cryptic message..

I have some details I'd love to share but I think now is not the time. Give me 5-6 days :)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

No More Running Around Trees..

Whoever said Indian movies were all about running around trees has to eat his/her words. Seriously, lately a lot of Indian movies I've been watching have broken the mould of what people consider "Indian movies". Gone were the days where directors switches off the lights to indicate that some romance is taking place and of course - the famous running around trees scenes. These days, Indian movies are just as bold and outspoken as a lot of English movies.

I watched Dhoom 2 yesterday and realised this. The movie is your typical police-and-thief chase but its twisted in a very different manner - the police isn't that stupid, but then again, neither is the thief. The movie has been shot in places like Namibia, Rio and India. I would speak more about the movie except for I do not want to reveal spoilers. I'd rather you guys catch it (most of the screenings in the cinema have subtitles...mine had English subtitles, I don't know Hindi well).

So yeah, go watch it!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Only a Credit.

I scored a Credit for my thesis - overall grade. A Credit is actually 65% - 74% in the mark range.

I don't feel happy about it at all. I really believe I deserve better. Sadly, you don't mark your own work, so you can't say "Hey, I deserve more, I shall increase my marks."

If only it worked that way...
If only it was the case where the amount of effort you put in was proportional to the grade you receive in the end...

Who said hardwork pays? It doesn't. It doesn't pay at all...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I am so bored. I hate being idle. I should have just gone home after my exams and had the university post my degree. I hate sitting around and doing nothing like this :|

Monday, November 20, 2006

When Boredom Attacks...

I can't remember being in Australia and having so much free time in my hands. I'm usually an organised, productive person. I wake up with my mind automatically setting up the list of things I must do today. I used to be even more organised but then I started panicking when I didn't finish things in my written list. So I just rely on my mind to organise everything for me lately.

I am so free. I have nothing to do but read, clean my room, start thinking about what I want to keep and what I want to throw :)'s odd. I've never been this free. I spent quite a few hours at the city today with a friend I met when I was a kid at Tamil class. Hahaha, Tamil class used to be a traumatic and boring thing back when I was a kid because we had to wake up early on a Saturday morning to attend the class. Can't say I regret learning Tamil now, because I can boast about it in my resume :)

Sure is odd not have anything to do.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Over and Done With.

Well, my exams are all over. I'm surprised I don't feel elated or anything. Maybe I am becoming jaded or something. I watched The Prestige today with my friend Amanda. It was a really good movie. I also bought my sister this bronzer powder she wanted. She's been asking for something like that for awhile and it was on offer today. So, I got it for her.

I also managed to satisfy my french fries craving - been craving for that for about a week or so. It's silly when you think of it - craving for such basic food - french fries. I ate McDonald's Filet-o-fish and french fries for lunch. For dinner, its probably mushroom soup or something simple like that. I need to lose more weight anyway.

I am meeting up with an old friend (knew her and her mom back when I was 8 or 9 years old or something) on Monday for lunch. I need something cool to wear. Hahaha, time to wash the clothes in the basket. I haven't washed much laundry the past two weeks...just some pieces to keep me going (so I don't have to walk around in old shorts/t-shirts).

I'm going to read now..bought a cool novel today. Another month to go, then I have 5 days more. Hahaha. I am going to be as lazy as possible this 1 month ;)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

There's a cafe in West End...about 1 bus and a 15 minute walk away from where I live. It's known as The Three Monkeys. My good friend Nerida and I were there on Sunday evening for fun. It's part of my plan to spend time with my friends before I leave. I've had a lot of fun. Today we had Indian food at a restaurant nearby. But these pics are from Sunday night :)

This is the chai at Three Monkeys. It's served in a bowl. I was supposed to get this then I opted for coffee instead. Did kick myself over it though, because the chai looked sooo good when they served it. I think I have to go back there just to get the chai. :)

This is my chocolate cake. They call it "Exotic". Hehehe. It was soo tasty. I haven't had cake for awhile :(

I finished another exam today. It didn't go well as planned. It was one of those open book exams where you don't have time to open the book. Argh, if only I had more time to study...if only my thesis didn't take up so much time...all the if-onlies come crashing down on me :|

This is to an orb. It's really of the new things in the city. There was blue one too, but there was construction stuff near it. I shall take a picture of myself next to the blue orb next time :)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Donation Box is Open

Well, for those of you who are rich and feeling particularly charitable towards me, I wouldn't mind this:

You know, perhaps as a graduation gift? *Hint* *Hint*

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I completed my first aid course. Demonstrated my thesis project - it worked halfway. I submitted my thesis online. Printed, bound and submitted the hardcopy and the CD they require. PHEW. Finished my C++ programming exam ... scored a Distinction surprisingly (though I wouldn't have minded a High Distinction..lost by 3 marks)...

Can't say I am not relieved. Still very tired though.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


It's 6.37am, I am about to leave for my first aid course - 8.30am to 4.30pm, Saturday and Sunday. Without a certificate confirming that I have completed this course, I cannot graduate. Yes, yet another engineering requirement.

I'm so relieved that I get to demonstrate my thesis project on Monday. No, it's not really working - but I have my limitations, besides, most of the errors are not really my fault. Though one of it was just some miscalculation where I set configurations which gave it 1.6 micro seconds acquisition time, when the rule is that acquisition time must always exceed 1.65 micro seconds. Yes, I rectified it and added the 0.05 micro seconds. I actually I made it 2.4 micro seconds...then it worked ;) *Sigh*

An acquaintance's other half is getting engaged to someone else due to religion and parents' principles. I feel so bad for her. What do you tell to someone who is in that situation? "Oh he's just spineless, don't bother?" Too bad there's no book you can consult to find a response for situations like these. Watching someone cry broken-heartedly is just so sad sometimes. But time heals right? I wouldn't really know to be honest, I've never been one for relationships :)