Thursday, February 23, 2006

What Internship?

I'm done with my internship. Phew. I feel so relieved. I have all my documents ready for the university.

I was just talking to VM about gadgets and I realised that I wouldn't mind reviewing gadgets for techie magazines. That would be so much fun! I already have that column done - the one which talks about who I am and what I do ;)


Fieran is a Computer Systems Engineer currently living in ____ (anywhere I'm living) with her pet ___ (dog or fish) and her lover - a lime green Peugeot 307. Originally a fantasy novel and Chemistry addict, she moved on to computers at the age of 11. From then on, there was no turning back. With IRC and ICQ in those days, Fieran's addiction turned into full-blown passion - for the machine. Fieran is a gadget freak - mp3 players, cell phones, laptops - you name it. For more information on her reviews, you can contact her at ____.


So, whatcha think? :)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Urgh, Mean People.

I'm sick and tired of hearing people tell me that I'm fat. Okay, let's clear this up once and for all - I went to Australia to study. I couldn't care less about how I looked (which is why I came back with long hair - didn't get much of a haircut). It's so annoying to have people say that over and over again. Especially people who couldn't really be bothered about me.

I still think its something really harsh and mean to say to someone. I mean I have friends who aren't really supermodel-size. I don't really say anything to them. I never comment on their appearance - I don't say "Hey you look fat" or "That skirt doesn't suit you; it makes your butt look big!" I'd never say that. I mean, how a person looks should never be the reason why you're friends with them you know. It should never matter - even if their clothing don't match. It is okay to notice it but unless you're really close to that person, it's rude to comment.

When will people ever realise?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I apologize for not blogging much. I don't really know what to write anymore :) I can't say it's writers''s just more of lack of information and too much moodiness. I write a few posts at work using Notepad and save it. Then I come home and re-read them and think "Nah, I'm not publishing this!" and I delete 'em. So, that's why there aren't many new posts lately.

I have extended my Internship - yet again - until 22nd February 2006. I wrote to my faculty and they said they are not going to accept 57 working days. They want exactly 60 days. I feel very disappointed that my whole holiday turned into some kind of "work-every-day" thing. I did my relative's translation, the Internship - I barely had any rest. Not to mention the whole list of family functions I attended (Remember Sunday's wedding at Kedah? We came back on Monday 7am and I slept for 3 hours and then I went to work at 11am.), oh wait, there is another one this Sunday - grandmother's prayers; the main reason I'm going back late.

I guess I am disappointed because I had a whole long list of things to do but I didn't get all of them done. Perfectionism at its worst. I'm quite sure a lot of people are irritated with me. I promised a friend I'd go visit her mom who was not feeling too well mid-last-year. I haven't done that yet. I also promised her I'll send her some episodes through vcds and all that. I didn't do that yet. I have written the cds and a birthday card but I haven't gotten around to sending them yet. I'm lousy. I can't believe I am so inefficient. My room is a mess, I haven't cleaned it up yet. Maybe I'm disappointed wiht myself as well.

Best part is, some people don't understand. They think "Oh, she's on holidays. She's so mean for not contacting me." Right, I'm also very mean to myself for barely sleeping properly. I try to do so many things when I go home after work. I rush during lunch time to order textbooks and I booked my flight ticket and sent the telegraphic transfer for my fees when I was on Medical Leave. Sounds fun huh.

I really wanted to study a little before leaving for Aust. That definitely did not come true. One of my online friends foresaw that. He was like "I'm very sure you won't get it done." Thanks :( You were right. Looks like I have to really, really plan my time in Aust very well otherwise I'm going to mess up. I'm terrified of messing up. I look normal on the outside, but on the inside, I'm a bundle of nerves. I worry and panic over everything.

My aunt, cousins, and my cousin's cute daughter are coming over today. I won't be at home while they are there but I hope they'll be around till late tonight. See, this is why I hate working - it's so hard for me to spend time with anyone. I wanted Dibba to come hang out at my place and have a movie marathon complete with Popcorn, but she's right for declining because I'm never at home.

I met up with Dibba yesterday..yeah, we spent our Valentine's Day together because both of us are single. Hahaha, I'm happy with being single. I like things perfectly this way. But Dibba, I have a feeling she's "looking". Hahahaha. You guys should have seen the way she was dressed - cool blue jeans, pink ladylike top with chandelier earrings and all. And I was just wearing a white hoodie and a denim skirt. Yeah, I lost to her sense of dressing hands down. She refused to let me take a picture of her actually, otherwise I'd have one on here now. She's mean :(

Oh, but she brought me 3 Ferrero Rochers :) I'm on a diet, that's why she brought it I think - to ruin my diet. We pigged out at All-star Cafe in MidValley. The food was nice. I liked how they had a little slice of lemon in the large glass of water and the chicken burger was filling. I had unhealthy cheezels during the movie (Deepa didn't want to take any!) and a bit of Coke. But otherwise it was okay. Ooh, and we had a three-scoop-sundae at Baskin Robbins. The flavours were: Maui Brownie Madness, Jamoca Almond Fudge and Love Potion #31. It was delicious :) If only I could substitute ice-cream for all my main meals and look like a Supermodel. Hahaha.

Well, Dibba and I watched the new Harrison Ford movie - Firewall. It was quite good actually. I liked how the story was always "to the point" and there weren't really any unnecessary information given. The whole story is about a Bank's Vice President of Security getting forced to rob the bank by a bunch-of-goons-who-don't-really-look-like-goons who kidnap his family.

Did I mention I met up with Shary? :) We had lunch at Italiannies on Saturday. It was so much fun. Just the two of us yakking non-stop. I met Shary four years ago when I first started college. Shary is really nice - not judgemental, not pushy, so patient. She never says anything to hurt anyone's feelings..and she's very helpful when you tell her you're looking for stuff. She helped me scout jackets and all at the mall while we were there. I am glad I met up with her. Shary's got a new hairdo and looking very feminine.

I am so going to hang out with a lot more people when I come back in July for 3 weeks :) I won't be working then! Yay!

I handed in another report on Monday to my supervisor. Guess what? It's Wednesday today and he still hasn't read it. Grrrrrr. How irritating can people be? I need to know if it's okay or if I need to amend anything. *sigh* :) That's what's been happening so far I guess...

I just feel like being lazy. I don't even feel like going to Australia and having to fend for myself again. I haven't even got into a final year project yet - keep getting rejected. :|

Friday, February 10, 2006

I find it amusing how I get along like a house on fire with my friends online It's as though I only have to talk about what's wrong and instantly they understand. I whine a lot to most of them but they actually put up with me. I find a fault in everything - yet they don't seem to mind it at all. The best part is none of them "agree" with me. Instead we argue a lot. It's not like I like talking to them just because they agree with everything I say. Half of them dislike reading blogs - so they don't even visit my blog. It does annoy me to a certain extent, but then again, it gives me another reason to irritate them. Hehehe.

I haven't been up to much. Lately I have messed up my sleeping habit. I sleep at 6 something in the evening till about 9 or 10 pm then I wake up, eat dinner, laze around or chat for hours with my friends online and sleep at 4 or 5 am and then, I wake up at 8am. In a way, I am asking for trouble. I am going to have problems waking up at normal hours when I start university.

I'm just so bored at work these days. I have stopped dressing formal - I walk around in jeans and a t-shirt/shirt instead. Oh and trainers too. I couldn't be bothered. They're not giving me any work except for that one report which can be really irritating to write. What do they expect me to do? Sit around and LOOK busy? Grrr :)

I'm going outstation this Sunday for a wedding dinner. I am kind of lazy actually, to attend it but I don't have much of a choice because my elder sister is not going. Otherwise it will be my parents and my younger sister only. Nahhh, doesn't seem nice on my part since everyone knows I'm home for the holidays.

I've ordered my contact lenses. Yep, yep, now I just need a good pair of shades and I'll be "the cool chick"..hahahaha - me and my vivid imagination.

It's 11.20am now. Lunch is at 12.30am. I wanna go home now!

I've seen my niece a few times - the little kid whose picture was on my blog a few months ago? She's adorable but terribly mischevious. She drives her mom, dad, grandmother and aunt crazy. But she's sooooo cute. It's like you don't even have the heart to be angry with her. She hit me because she thought I took her rubber ducky. Then later she came and tried to hug me to peek behind and see if I was hiding the rubber ducky behind me. How smart is that. She's not even 2 years old :) She's stubborn though. Always wants things her way. My Dad adores her. To him, she can do nothing wrong. Hehehe, I guess she has him wrapped around her tiny finger. He melts at the sight of her.

I won't get to attend her birthday party this year either. *sigh* The things you sacrifice sometimes, when you have to live far away. It can get very frustrating especially when you call your parents during the function and hear all the noise and the sound of people laughing. That's when I get really homesick. I've never been much of a function-attending-person because I like my room and the peace and tranquiility I get from just being lazy. But then again, you always miss what you don't have.

I haven't really been posting proper posts lately. Sorry about that. I just don't know what to write. It's like I do have a lot of things on my mind but nothing really concrete to talk about.

I've been reading Malay novels to brush up my Malay. I don't want to be a person who has to grope for the right words when speaking in Malay. It'll be a waste then. I like knowing many languages :) I think its cool.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I doubt you guys are Grey’s Anatomy fans. I am though. I watched the latest episode today at work. Hehehehe. I couldn’t take it. Work is so boring. I even made some important phone calls about my textbooks and I’ve placed some orders already J Yeah, I’m efficient – but only when I have to be. Otherwise, I’m lazy and sloppy.

Anyway, about Grey’s…I watched the episode with Code Black. Code Black probably means something like danger for the whole hospital. Two best friends wanted to re-enact world war too and they built their own Bazooka. One guy got shot by it because he stood in front of it to see why it was not working. Smart people, huh. The worst part is that the “bomb” is alive, and has not exploded. In comes Christina Ricci as Hannah who lodged her hand into the patient’s (guy who got shot by the Bazooka) wound to stop the bleeding. She didn’t know that it was a bomb. The Doctors just told her not to remove her hand so they can work around the wound because she mentioned that the blood was spurting out (or something like that). Then, Karev finds out about the bomb and informs Burke who was about to perform surgery. Then the anesthetician (sp?) leaves because he does not want to die. Technically the whole hospital has been evacuated except for Dr Sheppard who’s performing open brain surgery on Dr Bailey’s husband who met with a car accident while coming to see Dr Bailey who is having labour pains.

See this is a two-part episode and it ends abruptly. Once the anesthetician leaves, Hannah panics and runs off and we see Meredith with her hand on the bomb. Yep, that’s how it ends. It’s quite a tragic episode. I am afraid to know what’s going to happen next week.

Peace, At Last

My relative took back all the stuff I was translating. I'm not sure if I'll get paid - ahh, I couldn't be bothered. Hahaha, I feel so much better.

I tagged along with my elder sister and her boyfriend. We had "bak kut teh" for dinner and Swensen's ice-cream for dessert. It was good. I'm so glad I'm almost done with most of the stuff and I get to rest a bit from now on. I'm actually hoping to meet up with Shari this Saturday, for lunch. Sunday I'm going along with my family to Kedah - we have a wedding dinner to attend.

Otherwise, life is as usual. I'm writing postcards to some friends whom I promised real mail. Then I'm irritated with most bookstores here for not having the books I'm looking for. I don't think they are that rare. I mean, the Embedded Systems book I ordered was rare. But the other ones aren't really rare at all. I'm sick and tired of hearing "Out of stock" over and over again. It's the worst thing bookstores could do - not carry books you're desperately seeking. I don't get it. It's such a stupid way to lose customers.

Ah, I didn't mention the name of the bookstore. I can't afford to pay a suit of defamation or something, if the bookstore finds out. LOL.

I've started dressing really casually for work. Can't take it anymore. The report I have to write for my supervisor is about 60% done actually. I've made some progress and I am kind of proud of it. I'm going to finish it by this week and hand it in. That's the only way I can afford this weekend off (lunch and outstation trip). I like my new contact lenses. They are comfy. I have to get a few more pairs before I leave.

I'm tired but not really sleepy. I've watched the new episodes of Smallville, Season 5. It's quite sad how Jonathan Kent dies. I mean, I've watched Lois and Clark and he was still around. So it's weird. Maybe they're changing the story. But it is sad. I've always loved Smallville. I get irritated when the episodes are a bit boring (the beginning of Season 5 was not too good) but things are picking up now. I'd like to be a loyal fan :)

Grey's Anatomy is going good. I'm downloading the latest episode, it's about code black. I'm not sure what it means. I'll find out tomorrow.

Time to hit the sack, I only had 3 hours of sleep last night.

Take care you guys!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Numb3rs Season 2, Episode 13

Watch it guys. It's so interesting - it's about card counters, people who gamble based on mathematical theories and so on. The thing is, with probability theories you can actually predict what card comes out next. This episode of Numb3rs talks about that, and some people get killed. But really, it was so interesting. Looks like my stint with studying abroad has made me so interested in learning new things. Ah, not such a bad idea then :)