Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lazy Weekend

I haven't done much yesterday or today. I'm not feeling guilty - weird, huh. I guess I realise I've been working too hard. I can't help it sometimes, when you can almost "feel" the deadlines creeping up on you. That's when panic sets in...but since I force myself not to panic anymore - the other option is to just work until you see the work pile decrease.

I left a not-so-logical post yesterday. I was feeling a bit irritated. I mean, yeah I scored 89% for my thesis progress report but my supervisor had loads of comments. A lot of it was quite disappointing because he claimed that I didn't twist a lot of the information to show that it's mine. It was still mostly claiming that the information belongs to someeone else. Gee, as weird as that sounds, and I know I understand it - it's still irritating. I guess I'm just more used to people raving over my writing. Hahahaha, okay now I'm not being arrogant, but most of my online friends like what I write (partly because they don't understand it - it's too technical so they just say 'yeah, yeah we like it'...hehehe).

Oh well, stuff happens. It was my niece's 2nd birthday yesterday. She's adorable. I don't know how else to describe that little devil. Hehehe, she's soo mischevious. When my family went to see her and they were leaving, she carried her car (she has a car which she drives like the Flintstones do? With her legs?) and said "baby take car go tata house"..hahaha (tata in Tamil means grandfather; she calls my dad that). When she's shot with a toy gun, she pretends to be dead. When you disturb her she says, "baby wan die"..hehehe...I know that sounds morbid from one angle, but from another angle I find it cute. Hehehe. She's just so funny. She asked her paternal grandfather, "Papa, apa ini?" and he burst out laughing. I think he didn't think she could speak Malay.

I know my life seems boring. Someone said, "all you write about is your work, assignments, etc." I know. At the rate that I'm bailing out of movie dates with my friends and lunch dates, it's a wonder I still have friends. I really should do something besides work. I'm planning on watching a Hindi movie that should open soon, titled "Fanaa". I heard it's supposed to be a good movie - a love story revolving around a blind girl and a terrorist tour guide. I think it's opening next week. Indian movies are expensive, so it's good that I haven't watched any movies at the cinema since I came here this year - I can splurge on one movie :)

See, no sky pictures this time. That doesn't mean I took none. Hahahaha. I just find it therapeutic. Hmm, what else. I cooked black pepper lamb yesterday - was quite good actually. Then I cooked honey chicken the night before with this sauce Mom bought for me while I was at Malaysia.

There are quite a few things I'd like to do this semester. I'd really like to go to Gold Coast again - have a good look once and for all. Hahaha, since I doubt I'll be working here, I have to see a lot of things before I leave.

I've kind of booked my ticket back for the July break. My elder sister is getting engaged and I have to go back to attend the event. Hehehe, its a good excuse to go home and be lazy because it's NOT possible for me to get a job for a month. PHEW. Thank goodness actually. I'm so glad I don't have to work this time because I overworked myself the last holidays and felt like crap most of the time - trying to please everyone. Well, the catch with this flight ticket is that it's from Sydney to I have to get connecting flights from Brisbane --> Sydney and back. Yeah, it's more work, but I save a bit - about 100+ dollars or so. I'd like to visit Sydney again actually, but I don't think I have the time and unlike Melbourne, I don't have relatives in Sydney. Won't be fun too visit it alone.

Anyway, I have to work on my Marketing assignment - it's a product analysis on Oreo. I actually bought a packet of Oreo to get into the mood. Hahaha. I know that sounds really pathethic, but I can't help it :)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Long Days of Work

Work, work, work, that's all I do these days. Gosh, it is tiring to constantly have to work.

I haven't even dressed well lately. Just the same old jeans and t-shirts. The weather is getting colder because it's nearing winter. At times it is annoying to have freezing toes.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

More Sky Pics

I know, you're probably bored of it. But I'm not :) I'm still enjoying this "I-like-sky" phase :)

I Rated My Life :)

This Is My Life, Rated
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm not getting any comments lately. Feels a bit sad. Hehehe. Technically, I'm on easter break - 17 April to 23 April but I'm actually just catching up on all my assignments which are due this month. It's tiring. I just handed one yesterday at 2.30pm then I showered and went grocery shopping and picked up Japanese food for lunch (Rice and Teriyaki chicken). It was soo tasty. Unfortunately, by the time I ate lunch, it was 4.30pm. So no dinner for me. I had a few little squares of chocolate (yeah, shouldn't be eating it in the first place) and a glass of orange mango juice.

Right now I just had a croissant and strong cofee. It's good. Hehehe. Time to get back to doing more uni-related stuff.

I hope you guys are having a good time. It won't hurt to post a comment every now and then - even if you want to tell me how much you hate my guts - just kidding. I am indeed a very lovable person. Really!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sky Watching

I took more pictures. It's fun. I went out to the city today to have lunch with a classmate (for once we didn't do any work) - we had Korean food. It was nice..for a change. Then we walked around the city. He wanted to get some stationery, I was just looking around. I didn't buy anything, which is cool. I'm saving money. I want to get dark brown boots soon..once winter starts :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Window to The World

I've been taking a few photographs of the view from my window. I like Australia because you can really see the clouds and stars at night. It's visible. I'm not sure why but in Malaysia I don't really look at the stars and the sky. Here are some of those pictures:

This is after the rain...

This is just around 3 something in the evening...

This is too...

This is kind of a sunset...

This is the real sunset...

This is too...

My Marketing exam went alright. It wasn't easy, but it was "doable". Okay that doesn't sound too good. But I could do the questions - most of them. Aside from that, my Math exam was terrible. It was one of those Math papers where you do know most of the time, how to do those questions but it takes too much time - thinking and trying to write the working steps down. I kinda messed up the last question too because I didn't have enough time. Grrr.

Its Tuesday today. I have to write my project article and finish up my project workbook by 12am tonight so I can hand it in at 8am. I know I'll get it done, but I also know it's going to be very tiring and time consuming. Oh well, doesn't that sum up university life on the whole? "Tiring and Time Consuming". Hahaha.

Ooh, rumour has it that my elder sister bought Kentucky Fried Chicken for my future brother-in-law and delivered it to his office. Wow ;) Ain't that sweet. I don't remember her ever saying, "You stay where you're working, Kavi, I'll bring you dinner." *Sigh* I'm jealous. LOL.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Oh Gosh, I'm Twenty-Two!

Yet another year passes, yet another birthday. I'm feeling normal about it - nothing great, actually. I haven't celebrated my birthday since I was 13 years old. I don't know why, I really don't see myself as a person who can receive gifts. Of course, it's nice to receive gifts (the idea of not having to pay for something seems divine..hahaha), but I just don't enjoy celebrating my birthday. It annoys my family sometimes, how I refused to have a 21st birthday party.

I mean, I don't feel nice forcing people who normally wouldn't really care about getting me a gift, to get me a gift and attend the party. I'd rather have a good dinner with my family, eat some nice cake or ice-cream, and maybe buy myself something nice. I usually hang out with my friends too. On my 20th birthday, Nisha and Deepa got me this novel by Robin Hobb. It was one of the books I was dying to read because it was the end of her Farseer series but the book was RM100 - so I was waiting for the paperback version to come out (usually takes 3 months, I think, from the release of the hardback). Guess what? They got it for me. It was so nice of actually call my sisters and ask them which book I was after. Oh and they got me a cake too.

For my 21st, my Mom got me a perfume at Duty free. I think it is Elizabeth Arden: Splendour. I still have it - more than half the bottle. I only use it when I attend functions or something. See, Mom was in Brisbane till April 4th last year. I took her to Gold Coast. It was fun :) After she left, I really started spending. Hehehehe, she taught me how to spend actually. Before she came, I was sooo stingy.

I guess I see things differently. I'm also tired of having people tell me, "We don't know what to get you." Personally, I think it's one of the not-so-nice things you could say to someone. I like to believe that if you really care about a person - as a cousin, a friend, a relative or will know what to get that person - for a gift. You don't have to buy something expensive. It's the thought that counts; it really is.

Anyway, I bought myself two tops at Jeans West. One is an ash blue long-sleeved t-shirt with a hood. It has a V-neck and a beautiful print on the front (done in silver). Another is a plain black, Nehru-collared long-sleeved top with a few buttons on the front. Mom sent me a long-sleeved Pink Panther t-shirt and my younger sister sent me this funky black t-shirt with a silver eagle print on the front. I like funky and long-sleeved t-shirts. Hehehe, that's 4 tops. I've worn 2. Hehehe. I wore one on Wednesday and one today.

I have been in the lab for days. I go in everyday - sepnd 4-6 hours there, coding like a fool. It's soo tiring sometimes. The worst part is that it is so hard to identify where your error is with situations like these. It's downright frustrating. Today, I told my lab partner to finish it up. I think he has as better idea on the code anyway and I wanted to stay out of his way while he codes. We don't really get along. I don't really like him that much. I find him a bit "too big for his shoes". I don't like people like that. I have always liked modest, down-to-earth people. I guess I'm fussy about people but I just wish he was a bit more easy to talk to. He always thinks he's right. So fine, he's right. Let him code.

I have a Marketing mid semester exam tomorrow morning. Three chapters and a lot of questions left to work on. I'll start now, after I click the "publish" button so I feel "lighter". It's how I live these days :) I rant on my blog and then I feel a bit lighter ... as though someone took away the load off my shoulders - just for awhile...LOL.

I've been applying for some jobs in Malaysia. I think I'll be going back to work. I want to do my Masters as well and it's cheaper in Malaysia. Besides, I've been away from home for awhile. Can't say I don't miss it.

It's my nieces birthday exactly two weeks from now. She'll be two. That is one kid who is way too cute for her own good. Can you believe I am two decades older than her? Man, I really am old.

I bought myself a slice of cheesecake today - because Dad sent me an e-mail telling me to buy myself a cake. Hehehe. That's Dad, always telling me to spend money. I think he knows I can be very stingy sometimes.

Dad sent me two mice (computer mice) and some keypads for my research. Unfortunately, the mice weren't exactly what I was looking for. I think the exact ones weren't available at the store he picked them up. So, I bought a mouse online - from a place in Adelaide and they are having it couriered in a few days. It was so much fun - doing the Internet-based fund transfer thingie. You enter all the details then you click "Transfer" and it's done! I like it :) I know Malaysian banks have it too, but I've started using it here. It is nice.

I hope I get my mouse soon. It's one of my first Internet purchase..I could get to like it. Hahaha. I need to open the mouse up and study the internal circuitry. I cancelled a meeting with my thesis supervisor today because I felt bad that I haven't read up on what I was supposed to read up. I've been really busy this week. I'm sure you've noticed that I didn't blog much lately either. I have a lot of thoughts but I don't feel like writing them down.

I watched this really good episode of House last night. It's hilarious :) You guys should watch House too.