Friday, November 30, 2007


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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Losing a Friend

Life's kind of unfair sometimes - when you meet someone interesting and then its time for them to leave. My colleague and his wife are returning home for good and I am a bit sad because I wonder if I will ever see them again. Of course there's a million instant messaging programs out there, but...its never the same.

I can safely say I've lost friends in my transition from Malaysia --> Australia...then Australia --> Malaysia...and now Malaysia --> Norway. Half the people I e-mail don't even reply to my e-mails. I know how much effort it is to keep in touch with people...

I remember telling people in similar situations - that life is such and you're supposed to meet people, grow into a better person, and when its time to move on - you shouldn't feel bad because that's just how it is. You should be glad that you got to meet that person in the first place - but like a lot of things I say - some things are easy to say, nice to hear - but very difficult to do. Taking your own advice is even more difficult.

Oh well. It was fun to have a female friend (colleague's wife) to relate to. I work with so many men mostly and it gets kind of routine sometimes - there's only so much geek in me. Ultimately, I still crave gossip, fashion, and a lot of "WOW, I wonder how much time it took her to do her hair!" Hehehehe :) Girls will be girls..!

Monday, November 05, 2007

A New Week

So I spoke to my 3 year old niece on the phone this morning. She was asking if I was the same aunt who bought her a particular pair of slippers at her Rawang house. Hehe. She lives in two places technically - weekdays, until her parents finish work, she stays with her grandparents. In the evenings and weekends, she goes back to her parents' place. It was so cute, how she answered the phone. I have heard that she's the receptionist lately...but it was really cute :)

I cooked dessert with my colleague and his wife on Saturday. The dessert didn't turn out very well, but it was edible :) I guess I have to try that dish again. On Sunday I met a new friend, who happens to be an online friend's friend. She's really cool. We had sushi for lunch and Haagen Dazs Cookies and Cream ice-cream for dessert. It was 5 C outside and we were walking around the city eating ice-cream. My fingers were practically frozen...but it was fun. That's a cool thing about people in [Norway]...they eat ice-cream no matter how cold it is.

It's Diwali this Thursday (8/11/07). My third Diwali in a row where I am not at home with family. I'm getting used to it. My younger sister isn't though - she doesn't like it that she's in UK and has to celebrate Diwali alone. I guess as you grow older, you start to realise that you cannot have your near and dear ones around you all the time - and smart people are those who make the best of what they have. So, I will be cooking dinner with some friends or something like that. I bought a bright orange sweater to wear on that day. Its tradition to wear new clothes...but its fun to have a good reason to shop, helps with the post-shopping-guilt.

Have a great week ahead guys. I'll try to post some photographs of the food I might cook this weekend for post-diwali-celebration ;)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Let There Be Light...

Too bad I can't just say the magic words and make Oslo look a little brighter. It's 4.30pm and it already looks like 8pm in Malaysia - outside. Quite depressing, I must admit; makes me dislike looking out the window despite being very much a "window" person.

So how's life lately? Quite good, I must say. Apart from the gloominess with the weather (I am told, Norwegians say "There is no such thing as bad weather; only bad clothes".), I have been cooking more channa masala and plan to cook more palak paneer ;) Making kesari with a friend this Saturday.

Away from the cooking front, I have been planning my trip to UK. Got a bit of an idea what I'd like to see, where I'd like to go and so on. Looking forward to meeting MPT - my TimTam supplier - after approximately 2 years.

Have a great "rest-of-the-week" guys!