Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All in The Family

This urge to cook and bake and make EVIL (in a good way) food, runs in my family. My younger sister is following our mother's footsteps to make desserts for order. You can visit her website here. There shall be more photographs soon!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

...of Mundane Weekend Activities

I have days when I feel like my life is boring. I contemplate what it would be like to lead a more interesting life. My friend tells me that your life is as interesting as you want it to be - and other people's lives always seem more colorful because its not yours.

I agree, but it still feels like my life is boring.

I've taken up reading a lot more lately - I have to maintain my vocabulary as I do write for a living. Never thought I'd have the word "Writer" in my job title. I am trying to be more frugal and spend less due to the economy. I have to get a flight ticket for my trip home in a few months. I don't plan to buy the ticket 9 months before the trip this year (like I did last year). Maybe I'll buy my ticket 2-3 months before the actual trip this time. The economy is scary. So much news about people losing their jobs. Yet here I sit, moping over something as petty as not having an "interesting" life. Hehe.

When I was a kid and used to ask Dad for new things, he used to say "I complained I had no shoes, until I saw a man with no feet." True, Dad is always right. The mind is convinced, but the heart never is...

Snowy Saturday

It's snowing outside. I only went out once today - to take out the trash and get some groceries. Lunch was pita bread with hummus. I'm trying to eat healthy lately. Still hoping I'll lose some weight. I've lost about 1.5 kg from going to the gym so its not too bad. I have to go to the gym again tomorrow.

I made biscotti yesterday so I'm having one with a mug of tea now. Planning to read and relax today.

I got a hair cut yesterday. It is shoulder length (my hair was 1 inch short of waist length yesterday). Feels weird to have so little hair all of a sudden but my head feels lighter...if that makes any sense.

Have a nice weekend guys :)