Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's Official

So my student e-mail account no longer works now...lasted till 6 months after graduation. Feels a little strange to not have it anymore. I did set it up to forward whatever comes through to my GMail account, but its still sad.

End of an era, I guess. Time to assume a new role of the working adult :)


So I paid rent today. Its quite sad - seeing such a large sum vanish *poof*..just like that! :) I guess that's part of the "package" for wanting to be an independent adult -- paying your own bills.

Life is fine. So many things have happened, the past few months. I've been working here for 2 months as well. Time really passes so quickly.

I've been watching heaps of movies, hung out with my colleagues, getting a haircut this Saturday ;), bought boots, bought sunglasses, starting Norsk lessons in 26 days.


Friday, May 25, 2007


It's wonderful to work in a job you like. But either way - it is still a job - still drains you, still tires you, still makes you want to check your GMail account every few hours to see if anyone e-mailed you.

*Glares* Half the people I e-mail don't even reply. I personally find it a bit insulting. Before I left for Oslo, I e-mailed like 20 people or so, telling them that I'm moving. Out of the 20, only 3 people replied. I don't get it actually, if someone e-mailed me with good news, I'd definitely reply. Well, my point here is that if somebody takes the effort to e-mail you and tell you what's going on - reply! It really doesn't take long. Well, just don't complain that I didn't keep in touch, you know who you are...

Okay, now that I got that out of the way...

I'm watching Pirates of The Caribbean tomorrow. Let's hope its good. Rumour has it the ending isn't as expected..we'll see.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I did promise photographs...I took these on Saturday, on my way to the Subway station and around the city :)

Rhododendrons, I think

Yellow tulips

Yes those are real tulips, but when they have bloomed

This just looked so cute :)

Purple tulips...this is actually outside an Apple store...I was contemplating a new iPod, but I decided on good boots instead ;)

This is my dream apartment, directly behind my actually has a view of the river...but you can't see the river here...its that place right in front of the fence...someday I shall live here :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

....Updates, updates, updates :)

Well, I haven't updated in awhile. I know. A lot of things have been happening here..

Last Saturday I attended a colleague's birthday party. It was a lot of fun. My colleagues are really nice people who are very friendly. Sometimes you forget that these people are highly-accomplished, successful people who work in your office - they seem to be so down-to-earth.

My family is moving - parents have sold the house where we currently live and are moving a little outside of the "city" itself. I guess change is always good, but it feels strange because the next time I go back (can't go back this year.. I don't exactly get paid vacation days till I work 1 year) it'll be another house. Yeah, it is cool to get a new room and stuff, but I kind of like my current room. New room is actually smaller...but then again I live in a "box" here :) Can't complain. Hehehe.

Yes, the idea of a studio apartment was so fascinating when I was younger...LOL (yes, I am old!) but these days it feels very constricting...which is why I hang out at malls/the city a bit on weekends. Need to get out of the "box" or I start to feel mopey. I miss having a balcony like I did in Brisbane - was so much fun. I have another 10 months to live in this apartment till I move to another one. Might start looking for another one in six months' time.

Work is fine - quite fun get paid doing something you don't even consider a "job". Writing documentation, examples and stuff is quite interesting because I'm also learning heaps in the process. I'm still not a workaholic yet - still have my perfect 9 - 5 hours instead of anything extra. I don't think it'll last that long...hahaha, soon I'll have lots of stuff to do.

Plan to do some minor shopping this weekend...Weather forecast for next week shows a lot of rain :| Walking in the rain (umbrella doesn't really help) to work is not really fun...especially when the hem of your jeans is wet :|

Have a great weekend guys!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

...of Pigs and Books

So I watched Spiderman 3 today. I thought it was a good movie, really good special effects too :) The whole symbiote thing was very interesting.

I actually saw a woman in Oslo, right in the city, taking her pet Pig for a walk. Really, she had a leash for it...little pink thingie with black spots. Oh my goodness, what is the world coming to? Pigs as pets :) *sigh*

I bought some novels today. Yes, I buy more books than clothes - I know, but it's just that books are relatively cheaper than clothes. 3 good novels is the price of 1 nice top, so books win hands down.

I'm kind of tired, been working properly lately. Actually sitting down solid hours and documenting stuff/fixing typos is not difficult work but its mind-straining :)

It's nice to live on your own and on your own earnings. Gives you this new-found sense of freedom that I must admit - does improve my self esteem. Hehehe. My colleagues are really nice - lots of blonde hair, blue-eyed guys *grins*

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Another Week Gone By

Its Friday today. I'm sooo tired, possibly because I woke up early to shower and buy a coffee before work.

I'm watching Spiderman 3 tomorrow - I hope its good. Might do some window shopping/grocery shopping as well :)

Phew, I only worked 4 days this week because Tuesday (May 1st) was Workers' Day here as well.

Strange though, I'm so tired. LOL. Did more laundry this week as well.

Going to rest for awhile and heat up yesterday's dinner for today's

Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 04, 2007

You know you need a new iPod when...

the old one is just too full :( Also it got corrupted and I had to restore it and then let all the 700+ songs re-copy themselves onto the iPod. Urgh, I need a new one...but I don't feel like parting with the money just yet. Maybe in June...or July.... :)

Life's fine otherwise. Work is cool. Everything is fine. Will take some photographs this weekend when I'm out in the city to watch Spiderman 3 ;) Then I'll upload them here.

P/s - Can you believe there are real tulips growing around my apartment building? OMG, REAL ONES! I've never seen real ones before!!! They're gorgeous :)